Service B Mercedes

    Why choose Max Garage for your next Mercedes-Benz Service?

    At Gragash Auto, we strive to be the best independent service and repair shop for your Mercedes-Benz in Dubai, UAE. All service and repair work are carried out to manufacturer specifications by highly trained and qualified technicians. We will ensure that your Mercedes-Benz runs efficiently and safely as it was designed to. In addition, we are an EVTI 5 Star Certified workshop, which means that all services carried out by us meet dealer requirements.

    Mercedes-Benz B Service

    Approximately one year after your first visit to Service A, i.e., approximately two years after purchase or at 20,000 miles (whichever comes first), it will be time to take your vehicle to Mercedes-Benz Service B to ensure that your vehicle runs just as smoothly. Again, you’ll know when it’s time because Gargash Auto will issue a reminder. This regular interval continues to be approximately every two years or 20,000 miles and, as you’ll see, includes all the work mentioned above that was carried out as part of Service A. The following works will be carried out under Service B:

    What Is Included

    • Replacement of synthetic engine oil
    • Oil filter replacement
    • Cabin dust/combination filter replacement
    • Brake fluid replacement
    • Checks and adjustments to all fluid levels
    • Tyre pressure check and correction
    • Inspection of brake components
    • Resetting the maintenance meter

    Main Service

    What Is Included

    • Oil filter 5W30 oil (free promotion)
    • Collection and delivery
    • Top-up of all fluids
    • Tire check and air pressure
    • Car service renewal
    • Easy 360-degree health check
    • Computer Diagnostic Report
    • AC check
    • Brake check
    • Car wash
    • AC filter change (labor)
    • Air filter replacement (labor)
    • Oil filter replacement (labor)
    • Oil change (labor)

    Parts Not Included

    • AC filter
    • Air filter
    • Spark plugs
    • Spark plug replacement (labor)

    Save up to 80% on Mercedes Benz B-Class service prices in Dubai. Free collection and delivery from home or work.

    Benefit from the best Mercedes Benz B-Class service in Dubai from home when you choose Gargash Auto. Our extensive Mercedes Benz B-Class service network gives you access to the region’s best Mercedes Benz B-Class service center in Dubai.  Plus, our free collection and delivery service ensures you can get it all from home. You won’t have to visit any service center in Dubai. 

    This helps you save all the time and hassle of going to a cheap Mercedes-Benz b-Class service center that doesn’t offer specialized services. Get the best service for your Mercedes-Benz b-class in Dubai. We have a team of the best Mercedes-Benz b-class technicians in Dubai. Whichever Mercedes-Benz b-class garage your car ends up in, it will be in safe hands. They carry out a variety of services and repairs. Some of the most common Mercedes-Benz b-Class maintenance services include:

    • Mercedes-Benz b-Class oil change
    • Mercedes-Benz b-Class parts cleaning
    • Mercedes-Benz b-Class polishing
    • Mercedes-Benz b-Class technical inspection
    • Mercedes-Benz b-Class tire replacement
    • Mercedes-Benz b-Class battery replacement
    • Mercedes-Benz b-Class windscreen and glass replacement
    • Mercedes-Benz b-Class window tinting
    • Mercedes-Benz b-class scratch and dent repair
    • Mercedes-Benz b-class paint repair
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