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  • Investing in an extended warranty for your luxury vehicle holds a level of importance that is the same purchasing a new vehicle.
  • Consider this: once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you become vulnerable to potentially substantial costs arising from mechanical or electrical breakdowns.
  • As vehicles age, the likelihood of component failures increases. It’s not merely about the expense of replacing a part; the labor charges for fitting it will add to the overall cost.
  • Opting for Gargash Auto Extended Warranty for car presents a safeguard against the financial repercussions of unforeseen repairs.
  • These warranties are meticulously designed to replicate a similar level of coverage as the original manufacturer’s warranty, stepping in seamlessly after its expiration.
Extended Warranty

Explore our Extended Warranty Packages

Silver Package

Starting from

AED *2800

Gold Package

Starting from

AED *3500

Platinum Package

Starting from

AED *6150

* Terms and conditions apply

*Gargash auto Extended Warranty is applicable to: Vehicles Less than 6 years old or less than 140,000 km.

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*15% Off On Extended Warranty

Extend your peace of mind mile after mile by grabbing our extended warranty packages starting at AED *2900

*T&C Apply

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