Audi Maintenance in Dubai

    Do you own an Audi? Can't find the right Audi repair shop in Dubai? Here we are.

    Our Audi service centre is dedicated to you and your Audi, providing top-notch services that meet the highest international standards.

    Our Audi service centre is a technological powerhouse with best-in-class infrastructure. Every Audi vehicle is monitored by our Gargash Auto repair technicians.

    So, if you own an Audi, let the professionals take care of your car with care and dedication.

    Schedule your Audi service appointment now to receive 10% off your pay.

    Trusted Audi repair workshop and service centre

    We individually tailor our great value Audi service offer based on your vehicle’s actual requirements and don’t use any generic pricing. We make sure that you receive the best Audi service available in its class at our Audi workshop. As German automotive experts, we know every top-of-the-range car. Our goal is to become the best dealer alternative Audi service centre in Dubai, backed by reliable parts and equipment suppliers and a team of dedicated mechanics.

    Unbeatable Technicians

    We work with the most trusted and sought-after technicians, hand-picked by our Audi service advisor, providing full diagnostics and first-class service.

    Transparency (0 hidden fees)

    As long as you entrust us with your Audi, we ensure full transparency (no hidden fees) and honesty.
    From the acceptance of repairs to delivery, we’ll keep you informed of every modification made. This will help reduce the communication gap by streamlining the service procedure.


    • Audi engine oil check and change
    • Oil filter revision and replacement
    • Air filter analysis and replacement
    • AC duct inspection and replacement
    • Check brake oil and brake repairs
    • Check tyre condition and replace
    • Check coolant level
    • Check and wash wiper blades
    • Audi transmission repair and oil top-up
    • Dynamometer adjustment and chip adjustment
    • Brake assessment and fluid top-up
    • Car clutch inspection and repair
    • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) service kit
    • Inspection of locks, lights and electrical devices
    • Vehicle body and tyre washing
    • Engine compartment cleaning

    After you drop your car off at our Audi workshop, we’ll carry out a basic check, create an inspection report and get to work fixing the problem. We’ll make a decision and consult with you before each replacement or repair during the service.

    Book your Audi periodic maintenance with us online or make a request now!

    Our Audi minor maintenance services include:

    • Audi computer diagnostics
    • Custom Audi exhaust modification
    • Audi engine repair
    • Audi dent removal
    • Audi recovery and lifting
    • Audi 4WD Dyno
    • Audi sanitation
    • Audi pre-purchase inspection (PPI)
    • Audi body shop
    • Audi wheel alignment, refurbishment
    • Full Audi battery check
    • Audi bodywork repair
    • Audi tinting

    Our Free Audi Services In Dubai Include

    • Audi A4 all road quattro
    • World class waiting room for our customers
    • Digital acceptance process
    • Personalised customer engagement
    • State-of-the-art workshop tours to build trust
    • Customer Experience Manager
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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