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Gargash Auto is responsible for following Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 on Consumer Protection and repealing the Federal Law No. 24 of 2006, on consumer protection.

Gargash Auto will ensure that the repairs are carried out following the manufacturer’s specifications. We’re following all the standards imposed by the manufacturer, by using the repair materials, equipment, and qualified mechanics.


Gargash Auto has the right to have a fixed and flexible price depending on the work we provide and cannot be negotiated after the completion of the repairs; any negotiation must be concluded only in the preliminary phase of approval.

The vehicle will be handled with care as long as it is in our custody, and we make sure that your car is well stored and cared for.

Vehicles will be parked in an external parking lot, without a roof. However, secured and free of charge for 24hrs after the date of informing the customer that the repair has been completed.and will subsequently be charged daily which must be paid by the customer or the person picking up the vehicle.

Gargash Auto is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by natural elements such as wind, sun, rain, floods, hail, or the accident of the vehicle by another person while it is parked or stationary.


The necessary tests of the vehicle before the start of the work or after the completion of the work are necessary for the repair process. Gargash Auto is not responsible if the car or the windows/dents were scratched by elements thrown by other vehicles while driving on the road or parked. Gargash Auto assumes repair responsibility for accidents caused by the fault of the driver employed by Gargash Auto.


Gargash Auto is not responsible for any valuables left inside the vehicle (money, watches, telephones, gold, or other things). Please take them before leaving the vehicle in the service center.