Mechanic changing engine oil on car vehicle.


    Do you inspect your car’s fluids regularly? If you are not, your car’s power, gas mileage, and resell value may suffer, as well as increased repair bills and the risk of a breakdown or accident.

    Below are some essential car fluids which play a vital role in the proper working of your car:

    1. Engine oil – The capacity of your car engine to run depends heavily on oil. The engine will lock up if the oil isn’t changed as often as it should be, and your car won’t start. This enables your car to run smoothly. 
    1. Transmission oil – It is important to cool the transmission components to ensure smooth shifting and control of the gear. 
    1. Coolant –  When engines are running, they generate a lot of heat. To keep your engine from overheating, coolant (also known as antifreeze) travels throughout it. It also protects the engine by lubricating the water pump bearings and preventing corrosion.
    1. Brake fluid – this is the connection between the pedal and brakes. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the brake plunger within the master cylinder is activated. The pressure forces the brake fluid from its reservoir within the brake lines, causing the brake pads to slow your vehicle.
    1. Power steering fluid – This helps to turn the wheels of your car smoothly and effortlessly. 

    After gaining knowledge about the most important car fluids, make sure to check up on them regularly!

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