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Adding Longevity To Your 
Luxury Car with Specialized Mechanics

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Express Services – Quick Lube

Essential services from oil changing to oil filtering and more, we deliver with speed and precision so you can hit the roads in no time.
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Service Intervals - Minor & Major (Starting From AED *400)

Improve your vehicle’s engine, longevity and overall performance by protecting your prized possession with our specialised services.
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General Inspections (Starting From AED *300)

We efficiently assess both exterior and interior detailing using modern techniques, ensuring your car looks and performs splendidly.
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Pre-Purchase Inspections (Starting From AED *400)

Our experts thoroughly inspect the vehicle enabling you to make a decision that brings value for money and guarantees peace of mind.
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Brake System Repair (Starting From AED *400)

We repair all the brake system components and provide optimal solutions so you and your loved ones enjoy a worry-free drive.
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Engine Cooling System (Starting From AED *400)

Our experts take good care of your car engine by carefully diagnosing every issue, ensuring your engine delivers peak performance.
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Fuel Injection System (Starting From AED *400)

Our certified mechanics will thoroughly service your car’s entire fuel connection to ensure the system works smoothly and efficiently.
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Engine Management System (Starting From AED *400)

Equipped with the latest technology, our experts meticulously analyse, diagnose and troubleshoot every issue facing your car engine.
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Transmission Repair (Starting From AED *400)

We make your car engine more efficient by using genuine and high-quality transmission fluid ensuring value for money and peace of mind.
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Suspension System Repair (Starting From AED *400)

From shock absorbers and struts to control arms and ball joints, we ensure every aspect of your car’s suspension system is working efficiently.
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Wheel Alignment (Starting From AED *100)

Quick, efficient and cost-effective repairing and maintenance to ensure stable steering and smooth and glitch free driving.

Preventive Car Care Tips
For A Stress-Free Drive

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Regular Brake Fluid Maintenance

Change your brake fluids every few years to prevent any potential problems leading to untoward incident
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Brake Pads

Check the lifespan of your brake pads to change them regularly, preferably between 30,000 km to 70,000 km.
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Clean The Air Filter

Ensure your car engine’s air filter is cleaned as it helps increase fuel efficiency.
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Regular Car Repairs & Maintenance

Improve your car's effeciency by doing regular check-ups across our branches in Dubai and Sharjah.

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*15% Off On Annual Service Contracts

Drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle’s best interest has been covered

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*15% Off On Extended Warranty

Extend your peace of mind mile after mile by grabbing our extended warranty packages starting at AED *2900

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