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Safeguard Your Car’s Electricals 
With Our Expertise

Delivering exceptional car care services for your 
peace of mind on every mile

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Adding Longevity To Your 
Luxury Car with Specialized Electrical

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Engine Control Unit

Unleash your car’s peak performance as our certified technicians ensure your ignition modules and all electrical features operate flawlessly with low emission.
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We have the technology, expertise and experience to keep the programming system of your car updated and without error so you can travel worry-free.
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Navigation Update

We provide our customers with the finest navigation experience through services that deliver accuracy so you know you are headed in the right direction.
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AC System Check (Starting From AED *200)

Our experts will ensure your car’s air conditioner helps you beat the heat, keeps you feeling refreshed, and ensures your comfort.
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Central Locking System Check (Starting From AED *200)

From repairing the car door lock system to remote programming, we diagnose with precision so you can enjoy a secure and hassle-free drive.
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Ignition System Check (Starting From AED *200)

Our certified technicians inspect and repair all the components related to the ignition system, including the coil, spark plugs, and every other detail.

Preventive Car Care Tips
For A Stress-Free Drive

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Air Conditioner

Regularly test your car’s air conditioning system to ensure it keeps you cool, fresh and comfortable during every drive.
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Car Polishing

Make sure to get your car polished after seasonal rains. At Gargash, we use specialised products that help restore your car’s original shine and lustre.
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Battery Check

Ensure a timely check of your car battery for any visible signs of leaks or cracks. This will help extend battery life and also prevent any unwanted surprises.
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Fuel Efficiency

One of the ways to ensure fuel efficiency is to maintain your car’s tyre pressure. This will also keep you safe, ensure safety and also prolong tyre durability.

2023 Mercedes Maybach S680 - Big Luxury in Every Sense



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