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Adding Longevity To Your 
Luxury Car with Specialized Bodyshop

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Polishing-Detailing (Starting From AED *400)

With an eye for car detailing, we perfect even the most difficult corners of your car with ease, restoring it to perfect shape, colour and shine.
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Upholstery Refurbishment (Starting From AED *400)

We are specialists in restoring your luxury vehicle’s internal and external beauty and overall appearance to its original glory.
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Roof Lining Repair (Starting From AED *400)

Our experts skilfully enhance your car’s roof lining, ensuring longevity and a brand-new appearance, so you can thoroughly enjoy the journey.
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Paintless Dent Repair (Starting From AED *400)

Using advanced tools, our experts effortlessly remove minor dents without requiring to repaint the area, giving your car a fresh new look.
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Ceramic Coating (Starting From AED *800)

We safeguard your luxury car experience against harsh climates, scratches, dirt and other damages while ensuring long-lasting shine and paint life.
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PPF Wrapping & Foiling (Starting From AED *7000)

Our best-in-class products are perfect for your luxury car’s exterior, ensuring long-lasting protection and enduring beauty.
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Classic Car Restoration

We specialize in complete vehicle restoration, from car detailing to polishing, we ensure your cherished possession runs its absolute best.
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Smart Repair (Starting From AED *200)

Our team of certified technicians specialises in smart repair services to restore your car’s interiors and exteriors to its original beauty and brilliance.
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Accident Repair

From minor scratches and major dents to complete car repair, we elevate your car’s appeal and performance to its full potential.

Preventive Car Care Tips
For A Stress-Free Drive

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Spare Tyre

Ensure you always carry a spare tyre on long journeys to reach your destination safely and with peace of mind.
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Window Tinting

Tinted car windows will protect you from harmful sun rays, reduce the heat inside your car and provide you privacy.
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Car Coolant Checks

Get your car coolant regularly checked to prevent excessive heat, corrosion and potential damage.
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Wiper Blades

Change your car’s wiper blades regularly to keep it functioning smoothly and ensure your windshield is always clean and clear.

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