Why Gargash Auto For Brabus Service

    Gargash Auto provides a high level of repair and maintenance for all Brabus vehicles.  Starting with the collection of the car, an inspection is carried out to identify any problem with the car, in line with customer complaints. In addition, a clear video is provided to customers so that they understand the scope of the Brabus repair work.

    In addition, Gargash Auto has all the latest tools to fix any problem and our experienced technicians will resolve the issue and get the car home. Hassle-free Brabus repairs at an affordable price

    Brabus Experts In Dubai

    Gargash Auto is fully equipped to carry out all Brabus car repairs. From Audi interval services to major transmission and engine overhauls. The dealer’s alternative Brabus repair service allows the customer to receive quality service. Gargash Auto’s specialist garage services are the best in town.

    Gargash Auto offers minor servicing for all makes of cars in Dubai. Over the years, we have been serving customers across the country to restore the condition of their cars with top-notch minor service in Dubai.

    Brabus Minor Service in Dubai

    • Brabus Engine Oil (Fully Synthetic)
    • Brabus Engine Oil Filter
    • Brabus Air Filter Service
    • Brabus AC Filter Service
    • Brabus Rotate Tires (If needed)
    • Brabus Body Wash
    • Brabus Vacuum Inside
    • Free Car Pick Up and Delivery
    • Brabus All Fluids Top-up (Free)
    • Brabus Full Inspection (Free)
    • Brabus Replace Drain Plug/Gasket (If needed)

    Gargash Auto Brabus main service in Dubai

    Gargash Auto is the one-stop solution for all types of car overhauls in Dubai. Our experts are ready to restore your car’s performance with minor and major service work in Dubai.

    Brabus Major Service in Dubai

    • Brabus Air Filter
    • Brabus Ac Gas
    • Brabus Spark Plugs
    • Brabus Steering Fluid
    • Brabus Brake Fluid
    • Brabus Transmission Oil Filter
    • Brabus Transmission Oil
    • Brabus Differential Oil
    • Brabus Transmission Oil Pan Gasket
    • Brabus Fuel Filter Cleaning
    • Brabus Engine Coolant
    • Brabus Wheel Alignment
    • Brabus Ac Filter
    • Brabus Wheel Balance
    • Brabus Tire Rotation
    • Brabus Full Inspection
    • Brabus Throttle Cleaning
    • Brabus Body Wash Plus-Vacuum Inside

    Our extensive service also includes vehicle inspection and computer diagnostics, so we provide you with a proper inspection report that includes everything you need for your car.

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