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    What Should You Look For When Purchasing Your Car Insurance in The UAE?

    So you’ve decided to buy your ideal car and are in the middle of the financing procedure, how exciting is that? But hold on a second! Have you made up your mind about your car insurance?

    With car insurance being a legal requirement in the UAE as per the RTA, choosing the suitable car insurance policy from the countless options out there requires you to do some homework.

    Why do you buy a car insurance policy?

    Do you purchase car insurance only because it is a legal requirement? Or do you buy the most basic car insurance to save money? If the answer to any of these questions is a ‘yes’, you’re making a big mistake.

    Although car insurance is a legal requirement in the UAE, its main goal is to safeguard your car from financial consequences in the event of an accident, theft, or loss due to natural catastrophes, among other things.

    Before purchasing a car insurance policy, you should be aware of the various types of policies available and the coverage they provide.

    There are two types of car insurance policies that you can buy: –

    1. Liability of Third-party car insurance

    This is the most fundamental insurance coverage that every vehicle on the road must have. In the event of an accident, it only covers the loss or damage to the third party. However, any loss or damage to your car is not covered under this policy.

    1. Comprehensive car insurance

    This is an all-inclusive policy that covers you as well as a third-party in the event of an accident, loss, or damage.

    While third-party insurance is required, you should consider getting the greatest comprehensive coverage possible to protect your car against all types of damages, theft, and loss.

    Exclusions are what the policy does not cover, whereas inclusions are what the policy does cover. One common mistake made by insurance buyers is that they read about the policy’s benefits but neglect to read about the policy’s exclusions. As a result, be cautious to comprehend both the inclusions and exclusions before making a selection.

    Which is the right car insurance policy for you?

    1. Know your requirements

    Understand your requirements before you start looking for an insurance plan. Identifying requirements can include deciding the type of car insurance coverage you want to purchase, any additional coverage you might want to add to your policy, premiums, and so on. When it comes to insurance, though, coverage should take precedence over the amount you pay in premiums.

    Before you begin looking for vehicle insurance, determine your priorities. Ideally, you’d choose an insurer that provides comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price, as well as a simple claim process and faster claim processing.

    1. Choose a provider with quality garages

    In the event of a claim, car insurance companies maintain a network of facilities where they repair and service vehicles. Check the list of network garages while you’re looking for an insurer. One of the workshops that we would recommend going with is Gargash Auto. Gargash Auto is a One-Stop-Shop for all German & Luxury cars. They have over 16 years of experience in the aftersales automotive industry and some of their mechanics are certified by brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW etc.

    Choosing such an insurance company ensures a smoother and speedier claim settlement with fewer difficulties.

    1. Check the Add-on Covers Carefully

    Various add-ons can be purchased to enhance a plan’s basic insurance coverage. While this is an optional feature, it can be selected in the event of customizations or other special requests. These add-ons will be charged in addition to the cost of your car insurance. There are a variety of adventure sports available in the UAE, and it is best to have these add-ons if one wishes to participate in any of them.

    1. Agency Repairs & Non-Agency Repairs

    You can get repairing services from authorized workshops if you use an agency repair. Though the car insurance premium for this service is higher, it ensures peace of mind because your car will be repaired at the dealership where you bought it or at any of the brand-authorized workshops.

    A garage repair, also known as a non-agency repair, is a service provided by your insurance company’s approved motor garages or workshops. Your insurance company has pre-tested these workshops and motor garages to ensure that you receive the best services for your car repair.

    Best places to purchase car insurance from?

    The most obvious benefit of purchasing insurance online is the time and money you save. You also have more options because you can compare policies from a variety of insurers in one location. Furthermore, by conducting thorough research and then purchasing online, you will be able to make a better, more informed selection.

    If you have any more queries, or if you want to get the best insurance deal for your budget, contact our insurance experts at, and they will go above and beyond to address all your concerns and offer you the best deals in the market. They have over 15,000 Google reviews and have great partnerships with the leading insurers in the UAE market such as  AXA, RSA, Oman, QIC, Tokio Marine, and many more. Because of our partnerships with a variety of fantastic local businesses, when you buy your policy through, you’ll also receive great money-saving discount vouchers. From auto accessories to accident repairs, car valeting to personal grooming and auto-tuning to vocal tuning with music lessons and much more, you’ll enjoy unrivaled benefits!

    You can call 800 ALFRED for a personal shopper who will explain the benefits, walk you through the process, and assist you in making your decision.

    In a nutshell, picking the right motor insurance isn’t complex as long as you have the right insurance  broker to guide you. At the same time, avoid choosing the bare-minimum packages just to meet the legal requirements of the country. With some research and due caution, you may receive the finest protection for your car while staying within your budget.

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