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    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Vibrations From Your Car

    Although it is rare due to advances in technology, you may feel some vibration when driving. A complex mechanical system is at work, which can cause some vibration.

    Before it starts to bother you, car vibration does not seem to be a serious problem. A slight vibration is acceptable, but if you start to feel a strong vibration, there may be a serious problem.

    Over time, wear and tear can cause serious problems. Vibration inside the car is not something you notice straight away, but it gets worse over time until you start to notice it a lot.

    This can be serious, as your smooth and comfortable ride can suddenly turn into something you wouldn’t have expected.

    There’s no need to panic, though, as most causes of car vibration are quite simple. They can be eliminated without too much difficulty. However, you need to look deeper to discover the root cause of the car vibration problem.

    Several car components can be responsible for car vibration, such as the engine, wheels, tyres, etc. Let’s take a look at these problems and how they contribute to car vibration.

    The Engine Causes Significant Vibration

    How does a small engine cause the whole vehicle to vibrate? Of course, the engine is a dynamic component, even though it is static in one place. Generally speaking, an engine has parts that create motion. Your car’s vibration is caused by engine problems with the crankshaft, the piston inside the cylinder or the timing belt that controls synchronisation. When you start to accelerate, your car usually starts to vibrate.

    However, vibration can be caused by a clogged fuel filter, inefficient fuel mixture in the combustion chamber or a lack of air in the engine. Improper fuel delivery can cause engine misfire and car vibration at high revs.

    In addition, a worn spark plug is also unable to provide proper ignition and can eventually cause combustion problems.

    Never postpone engine diagnostics to determine the true cause if you experience this type of problem along with vibration. You can use Gargash Auto to repair your car. Our experts can diagnose and help you repair your car’s engine at very affordable prices. You will also get services like spark plug replacement or timing belt replacement at very affordable prices.

    Damaged Engine Mounts Cause Significant Vibration

    A stable mount supports the engine. If the engine mounts are damaged, the engine may vibrate and shake when idling or stopping. This component stabilises the engine where it is mounted while preventing road shock and vibration.

    However, vibration caused by the engine mount is not a cause for concern as the engine mount can be replaced at any Gargash Auto centre near you.

    Improperly Aligned Wheels Cause Vibration At High Speeds

    However, vibrations can also be caused by incorrectly aligned wheels on your car. Misalignment usually causes the car to tilt to one side, and it can also make the steering feel a little unstable.

    In addition, other problems can occur with the wheels, such as the looseness of the wheel hub nuts. Significant vibration at high speeds.

    As long as you go to a reputable service centre, wheel alignment does not require much effort.

    In addition, the imbalance of the car wheels contributes to the vibration. In general, the wheel and axles should rotate with even weight distribution, otherwise, the wheel may not be able to turn properly. As a result, the car may vibrate.

    However, a vibrating vehicle is not suitable for commuting, as it can cause danger at any time without warning. But you can minimise or avoid these problems altogether by choosing Service My Car.

    Tyres Can Cause Problems If They Vibrate.

    Tyres is most often the main factor that causes a car to vibrate. If your car’s tyres are unbalanced, they will start to vibrate after reaching a certain speed.

    In addition, if you neglect to take care of tyre rotation, you may have uneven tyre wear. In addition, your car will feel the vibration when accelerating rapidly from the starting line.

    A tyre can also lose its shape for a variety of less obvious reasons. This kind of fuzzy shape can contribute to vibration.

    Another factor that contributes to car vibrations is incorrect tyre inflation. Improper tyre inflation can cause the car to tilt and vibrate, which can be felt throughout the car, including at the steering wheel.

    However, there is no mechanical solution to tyre inflation, but you can choose to rotate your tyres or get a completely new set of tyres for your car.

    These vibrations may not seem too serious, but they can be present and can endanger you. Consult a Gargash Auto specialist immediately. Book a car service online or get a car repair quote at any time.

    Practical Tips To Keep Your Ride Intact In Winter

    Throughout the year, people have to deal with different seasons. Just as people have to prepare for the big chill, cars have to prepare too.

    Proper winter preparation will reduce the amount of maintenance and repair work you may have to do in the summer. Taking care of your car ensures fewer problems in the future and prolongs its life.

    However, many people generally recognise that the real winter starts in December. That’s when they turn to prepare their car for winter.

    If you buy a durable wax, it’s a great way to look after your four wheels. If possible, buy a car cover to protect your investment from the upcoming weather. As winters become more unpredictable, adverse weather conditions may arrive earlier than usual. So don’t put off preparing for winter.

    Although regular vehicle maintenance is very important all year round, it is particularly important in winter. For this reason, here is a list of some essential maintenance tips you should take care of.

    Make Sure Your Car’s Fluids Are Up To Scratch.

    However, there are different fluids in your car for different purposes, including transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid. Each of these has a specific role to play when driving.

    However, it cannot be predicted that any of these fluids will be at a low level. Wiper fluid is one of the most important fluids during winter, as winter surprises are encountered more often than usual.

    If the car is driven in rain or fog, the wiper fluid runs out quickly. You may need to top it up to make it last.

    In winter, it’s even more important to keep your fuel tank full. Water accumulated in the fuel pump may not freeze if the fuel tank is full.

    Check The Headlights.

    Winter is wonderful in many ways, but it makes the sun shine earlier in the day. This means you have to drive with your car lights on, especially when you return home.

    So, you want to make sure that your vehicle’s headlights are in excellent condition and provide the brightest possible illumination.

    Your headlight may need a new bulb or the headlight cover may need to be replaced. A wire may need to be fixed.

    However, it is worth taking specialist advice to deal with such a problem. Gargash Auto is always ready to help you and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

    Check Your Vehicle’s Battery

    It’s quite clear that the car battery usually has some problems in cold weather. A car battery is usually harder to work in cold weather than in warm weather.  As a battery lasts for a maximum of three to five years, it is important to check the condition of your battery before heading out into the winter. You can choose to do a voltage check to make sure that the battery will not give you any problems in the cold winter.

    Replace your car battery as soon as possible to avoid being stranded or abandoned in a cold car park with a vehicle that won’t start.

    Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure Or Choose Winter Tyres.

    Adequate tyre pressure is needed at all times of the year, but in winter you need to be especially careful as low temperatures do not mix well with high air temperatures.

    Low tyre pressure when driving can cause premature tyre wear or possible tread separation, both of which can lead to a serious accident. In addition, under-inflated tyres will make the car less predictable to drive. If you check your tyre pressure and find that one or more tyres need more air, you should never delay inflating your tyres.

    You can also invest in winter tyres as they provide a better grip and are not affected by the cold weather outside.

    Equip Your Vehicle With These Accessories.

    However, this is indirectly linked to preparing your vehicle for winter. However, some of them may seem inconvenient to some motorsport enthusiasts. But they are quite handy and can prove useful when you find yourself in a pinch.

    – First aid kit
    – Multi-tool including knife
    – Torch and charger or batteries
    – Starter cables
    – Mobile phone charger and extra battery
    – Flares

    You can avoid trouble, but these tools and accessories will definitely help you get out of difficult situations.

    Winter has special requirements as the car engine needs to warm up before you can drive. Battery performance is reduced when less current is supplied at start-up. Although engine oil tends to thicken, it must be pumped correctly throughout the system.

    But that doesn’t mean you can’t drive. By following the above tips, you can drive your vehicle with ease. Gargash Auto helps you keep your vehicle intact while offering top-class car maintenance services. You simply need to book a service or a car repair quote at any time on our website or app.

    Analysis Of Automatic Transmissions Before Making Your Decision

    The driver has to be significantly involved in the gear changes to keep the vehicle moving, but an automatic gearbox does not do this at all. It takes care of all that work while the driver can concentrate on steering and the road.

    So automatic gearboxes seem to be a viable alternative to manual gearboxes, but there are still many people who do not like automatic gearboxes.

    The automatic gearbox, which originated in the early 19th century, began to make its presence felt in the middle of the last century. However, in recent years it has become quite popular.

    However, it has managed to overtake manual transmissions in terms of market share, with manual transmissions accounting for 37.17% and automatic transmissions for 28.72% of the world car market.

    The question is: why is the automatic gearbox failing to gain market share despite being a simple and perfect technology?

    In recent years, automatic transmissions have overtaken traditional manual transmissions. However, despite the fact that automatic transmissions seem to be more common, they are not always the better choice for many drivers.

    Automatic Gearboxes Cost More But Are Easier To Use.

    Because the lever of a manual gearbox needs the driver’s attention to change gear. Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, do not require any intervention other than the initial setting of the gearbox, so it is an easier option later on than before.

    In an automatic gearbox, a hydraulic planetary mechanism controls the gear-shifting process, changing the appropriate gear at the right time.

    Automatic gearboxes use transmission fluid to regulate upshifts and downshifts. An oil pump maintains transmission fluid pressure to regulate the various clutches and belts of the planetary gearbox.

    Driving is much more comfortable as the driver does not have to worry about gear ratios at all.

    However, cars with automatic gearboxes are generally more expensive than cars with manual gearboxes because of the complexity of the technology.

    On the other hand, automatic gearboxes do not provide the best fuel efficiency because the torque converter plays an important role in shifting gears and, compared to a simple manual gearbox, frequent adjustments have to be made while driving.

    However, you can take advantage of the help of a Gargash Auto expert to carry out transmission programming and maximise performance.

    Lack Of Real Driving Fun

    Most people prefer a manual gearbox when it comes to driving fun. Driving a car with a manual gearbox is much more interactive as you have to use the clutch and change gears at the same time.

    In addition, the driver is in control of the vehicle, with more involvement and control at the same time. It offers a lively driving experience.

    High Maintenance Costs

    In addition, automatic transmissions are expensive to maintain. However, most manufacturers offer maintenance-free transmissions for life, but this is a myth. The transmission system is a complex mechanism that is subject to wear and tear.

    Automatic transmissions have many complex moving parts. Manual gearboxes do not require as much maintenance as automatic gearboxes, but regularly scheduled maintenance is still necessary to keep the gearbox in good working order. An automatic gearbox may have several problems at the same time, while a manual gearbox may need a new clutch over time.

    However, Gargash Auto has made it easy to repair your car’s transmission with its amazing service. You’ll get a first-class service with a guarantee of years of experience.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to choosing a particular transmission, people have different options to choose from as neither automatic nor manual transmissions have been able to dominate the automotive market.

    In comparison, automatic transmissions are a safer choice. Manual transmissions require the driver’s hand and foot to complete the process of changing gears. However, in an automatic transmission, the driver does not have to be involved in the gear-shifting process.

    In addition, the driver can concentrate on what is happening around him. Automatic transmissions are particularly useful for new or inexperienced drivers as they provide a safer and less distracted driving experience.

    Alongside these advances, car manufacturers have been able to introduce other innovative transmission technologies such as AMT (automated manual transmission), CVT (continuously variable transmission), or DCT (dual-clutch transmission).

    Some of these are completely new ideas, while AMT offers a combination of automatic and manual transmissions. This could be quite useful to overcome the shortcomings of the automatic transmission while improving the manual transmission and providing a better experience.

    However, if you own a car with an automatic gearbox, Gargash Auto helps you to keep it running better while getting all the maintenance and repairs you need from master mechanics. You can book a car service or repair quote at any time on our website or app.

    Mechanic changing engine oil on car vehicle.


    Do you inspect your car’s fluids regularly? If you are not, your car’s power, gas mileage, and resell value may suffer, as well as increased repair bills and the risk of a breakdown or accident.

    Below are some essential car fluids which play a vital role in the proper working of your car:

    1. Engine oil – The capacity of your car engine to run depends heavily on oil. The engine will lock up if the oil isn’t changed as often as it should be, and your car won’t start. This enables your car to run smoothly. 
    1. Transmission oil – It is important to cool the transmission components to ensure smooth shifting and control of the gear. 
    1. Coolant –  When engines are running, they generate a lot of heat. To keep your engine from overheating, coolant (also known as antifreeze) travels throughout it. It also protects the engine by lubricating the water pump bearings and preventing corrosion.
    1. Brake fluid – this is the connection between the pedal and brakes. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the brake plunger within the master cylinder is activated. The pressure forces the brake fluid from its reservoir within the brake lines, causing the brake pads to slow your vehicle.
    1. Power steering fluid – This helps to turn the wheels of your car smoothly and effortlessly. 

    After gaining knowledge about the most important car fluids, make sure to check up on them regularly!

    To get your car checked and serviced by professionals, feel free to visit Gargash Auto or book a consultation session for your car by clicking here.

    Picture showing muscular car service worker repairing vehicle


    In this article, you will discover the 5 signs you should watch out for when buying a used car in the UAE.


    In this article, you will discover the 5 signs you should watch out for when buying a used car in the UAE.

    5 Important Signs To Watch Out For When Buying A Used Car in the UAE. Watch Out For Number 4!

    In this article, you will discover the 5 signs you should watch out for when buying a used car in the UAE.

    5 Ways on How To Cool Your Car This Summer. Number 4 Is The Best!

    Here are 5 tips that the experts from Gargash Auto have written which will help you keep you car cool during the hot summer.

    How To Show Your Car Some Love This Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time to pamper your loved ones with attention and affection. 

    At Gargash Auto we love cars! Which is why today we thought we would share some tips on how you can show your car some love.

    1. Car Detailing – Give your car a thorough clean

    Auto detailing keeps your vehicle clean and in the best possible condition. 

    Detailing includes an exterior wash and wax, interior vacuuming, window cleaning and surface polishing.

    However, it’s more than just cleaning your car. Detailing helps your automobile extend its life by minimizing damage from environmental factors. 

    Exterior detailing – Cleans the car and restores it’s surface to its original showroom glory or it can even exceed the car’s original condition 

    Interior detailing – Deep cleaning of the car’s interior, includes vacuuming and stain removal.


    1. Oil Change and Car Servicing

      Regular car servicing is vital to maintaining a well-loved engine.

      Oil is important to the health and function of the car, what blood is for your body engine oil is to a car. It’s recommended to get your car serviced every 6 months or 10,000 Kms whichever comes first.

      Oil provides protection against wear and tear, maintains viscosity over varying temperatures, prevents acid build up, and cleans and protects turbos and modern engine components.

    2. Wheel Rotations

      You should change the position of each of the tires on your car when you get your regular car service done (every 10,000 Kms). This also gives you a chance to have them rebalanced if you’re noticing any vibration in your car.

    3. Dent removal

      Got a small dent from trying to squeeze into a parking spot that was too tight for you? Well now is the perfect time to get that removed. Gargash Auto is offering 25% OFF on any car service of your choice. 

    We want to make this day special for you, Gargash Auto would like to give you a 25% discount on any service you choose to do with us. 

    What’s even better is that this discount is valid for the entire week, so if you were busy on Valentine’s day and missed out on our offer, you can still avail your discount.

    Book your appointment now!

    Sounds Like Car Trouble | Car Noises To Watch Out For!

    Listening to your car is one of the most effective ways to diagnose an issue before it becomes an expensive problem. This blog will list out some common sounds to watch out for in your car that could be hinting at a deeper issue. 

    Is your engine suddenly much louder? Or perhaps you hear knocking noises in your car? Most people don’t even recognize these signs. Observe these sounds, if you notice them growing more and more frequent over a period of a few days, it’s time to take action. Be sure to visit a specialist car workshop like Gargash Auto for further diagnosis.

    Trust me, ignoring these early symptoms won’t make the sound magically go away. In fact delaying getting your car checked out can actually cause the issue to worsen, resulting in a more expensive repair job.

    Some of the more common sounds that you can watch out for along with what the underlying cause may be are –  

    Sharp squealing
    When your car’s brake pads wear down, they are designed to make a high-pitched squealing noise. This sound is an indication that your brake pads need to be changed right away. Worn-down brake pads are the most common cause for squeaking. It’s recommended to get your brake pads replaced every 80,000 Kms or so. 

    Another less common cause of squealing break is rotor rust. Over a period of time, the brake rotors of your car can get rusty, especially in a warm and humid environment like Dubai. So you might hear the noise as a result of this rust build up. This prevents your breaks from working properly too so the sound is not the only thing you need to worry about.

    What you can do:  When your Brake pad indicators produce a sharp squeal it’s important to listen to it’s warning and visit a car workshop to maintain their health. 

    Grinding or grating 

    If you start to hear grinding or grating noises as your car shifts into a near gear, this is a symptom of a serious transmission problem. The simplest possible issue is most likely low transmission fluid levels in your car. However, if this is left untreated it could eventually result in the need for a major transmission repair.  

    Knocking noises

    Are you hearing strange knocking noises from the bottom of your car? Don’t worry your car is not haunted, chances are your constant velocity (CV) joint is acting up.

    If this knocking sound is heard when you turn your car, the constant velocity (CV) joints on your front axle could need replacing. Not to worry the experienced and brand certified technicians at Gargash Auto will be more than happy to fix the issue for you. 

    Loud Engine

    An exhaust leak is one of the most common causes for an unusually loud car engine. The exhaust system of your vehicle carries hot fumes out of the engine away from where you’re seated and then releases it out of the rear of the car. This is not the only function of your exhaust, it always reduces engine noise. If there is a hole or a crack in the exhaust pipe it’ll result in vibrations felt throughout the car and/or a loud engine.

    If you are facing any of these problems, stop by at Gargash Auto, we’ve two branches – in Al Qouz and Al Qusais. Your car is in safe hands with our brand certified technicians and mechanics, that specialize in caring for all European cars, and more specifically German cars. 

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