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    The Serious Threat to Car Windshields in Dubai

    It’s very unusual to open your garage door and find that your car windshield is cracked. This is quite unexpected considering that you parked at night when there was nothing there.

    Also, windshields can break outside the garage, in a working parking lot.

    However, this can also happen while driving, but windshields are strong enough to withstand all possible threats from the environment. You can also learn how to demist your car windshield in Dubais unique climate with our expert tips and tricks

    However, since your car windshield has the function of protecting you from the wind and rain, it has to take a lot of damage. It is inevitable that your car will experience windshield damage during the course of its use.

    Let’s try to understand the causes of car windshield breakage with this detailed analysis.

    Rapid Fluctuations in Temperature Are Not Good for Your Car Windshield

    Windshields are unable to cope with sudden changes in temperature. When there is a sudden change in temperature, windshields usually change size due to contraction or expansion. The windshield sometimes cannot withstand this and will eventually crack.

    It can also have defects. These mistakes include using a lot of boiling water or releasing agents on the glass. Sunlight can also be the cause if you leave your car in the sun on a sunny day, especially if you turn the air conditioner up when the temperature inside is too high.

    Because of this difference in the rate of expansion and contraction, the edges of the glass will heat up more quickly, causing cracks.

    Another common cause of windshield damage is the ever-changing weather. Damage caused by rocks can likewise be caused by tree branches, other debris, large hail or high winds. In bad weather, use covered parking lots, such as garages, and avoid driving on the open road!

    Another common cause of windshield damage in Dubai is the ever-changing weather. Damage from rocks, tree branches, debris, large hail, or high winds is equally concerning. During inclement weather, it’s advisable to seek shelter in a car garage in Dubai or use covered parking lots, avoiding open road driving.

    Poor Quality Glass and Incorrect Installation

    Your car windshield needs to be strong enough to withstand a variety of threats, but if it’s not made of the right glass, it can crack under pressure. This is damage that happens to windshields, especially at the edges.

    In addition to poor quality, installation is an important factor in protecting your car windshield from cracking. Even incorrect installation will not protect your vehicle’s windshield from unwanted cracks.

    For a windshield to provide structural support and protection, it must be made of high-quality materials and properly installed by a professional mechanic.

    Gargash Auto is the nest option of windshield replacement services at prices that will blow your mind.

    Road Debris Is a Major Threat to Car Windshields

    Road debris can consist of rocks, tree branches, pebbles, etc. Usually, these hard objects fly away when they are run over by the tires of other vehicles.

    However, when they hit vehicles, especially windshields, there is no way to prevent them from breaking. There is nothing you can do to prevent this except to keep a sufficient distance. Be careful when driving at high speeds in areas where construction is underway.

    However, in areas where there are wooden branches, you can adjust your speed slightly and pay close attention to whether there are vehicles behind you.

    Air Pressure or Collisions May Cause Concern

    Pressure changes due to sudden strong winds or even events such as heavy objects placed on the windshield can be enough to cause sudden cracks.

    However, collisions are probably the most obvious cause of windshield breakage. The most common collision involves two vehicles. It may also involve a collision with an animal or bird.

    The best way to avoid this type of windshield breakage is to always drive defensively, be cautious, and react on the fly.

    What You Should Be Aware of If Your Car Windshield Is Broken?

    A crack can cause major damage to your car’s rear-view mirror, and it is important to remember the importance of where it is located. The most important thing is to have a clear view to passing traffic on the road. However, a crack may not be serious unless it obstructs your view. Driving with a cracked mirror is dangerous, but it can break anywhere on the road, making it unsafe,

    However, some damage can be repaired, but not all. A professional is the right person to assess this call. Nonetheless, certain damages can be remedied, although not all. It’s crucial to consult a professional, such as a car repair shop, to evaluate the situation accurately. If your car is cracked, Gargash Auto is a good place to start.

    Steps To Prevent a Tyre Burst

    However, rash driving is never a good idea, just like a traffic jam on the highway or an accident.

    It is important to prevent the outbreak, taking into account the extent of the damage. But how to do that? As the word “prevention” implies, individuals cannot influence all the factors that contribute to an outbreak.

    Nevertheless, we should first try to understand them.

    What Is a Blown Tire?

    Normally, we speak of a “blowout,” which is a gradual loss of pressure in a tire. In this case, you always have time to solve the problem, either by repairing the tire or by other means. A flat tire, on the other hand, is a sudden loss of air that can damage the tread and sidewalls of the tire.

    In most cases, it is possible to still drive the car after a flat tire, but not with a flat tire. Risk of collision. This can happen with any tire, but older tires are especially vulnerable and need special attention. Sudden collisions with the front or rear can cause a loss of control.

    Keep these important points in mind to stay one step ahead on the road.

    Avoid Driving Too Much on Damaged Roads

    Tire rubber is tough enough to withstand the rigours of rough roads. But there are limits, and excessive driving can damage tires. Unpaved roads can be full of potholes, debris and damaging objects. Excessive driving over potholes will undoubtedly cause significant damage, but any sharp object can also destroy a tire in an instant.

    Driving over rocks or glass can also damage the vehicle. Roads cannot be repaired individually, but rough driving, especially over potholes and debris, can be avoided.

    With old tyres, more care should be taken when driving on rough roads. If possible, avoid such roads.

    Never Drive with Punctured Tyres

    Flat tyres are inevitable when driving on roads. A tire can be punctured at any time by a nail or other sharp object. Punctured tyres do not suddenly burst, but deflate gradually. However, such tyres can also burst, especially if they have lost a lot of air.

    In most cases, you can’t tell if a tire is deflating unless you pump it up more often than usual. You can tell a flat tire by how many times it has lost air. It is also important to check the tire for unusual items, such as a piece of glass or a small piece of metal sticking out of the tire.

    With a quick visual inspection and repair, you may be able to avoid a risky and costly flat tire. Consider “Gargash Auto” for immediate assistance.

    Don’t Let Your Vehicle’s Tires Run Too Low on Air Pressure

    Tires function best at a certain level of air pressure. If the air pressure is too high, there is always a chance of a flat tire.

    On the other hand, tires with too low air pressure can stop working. Since the grip of the tires involuntarily expands when the air pressure is low, they must be stretched to keep the car moving. For this reason, any sharp object can easily tear the outer surface of the tyre.

    If you’re not sure how much air your vehicle’s tires need, you can check your owner’s manual or the sticker on the driver’s side of the vehicle near the door frame.

    Don’t Put Off Replacing Old Tyres

    Old tires are most likely to blow out. Under normal circumstances, tires can last more than five years. This depends on how you use your vehicle. Do you use it to commute to work, travel long distances often, or only use it occasionally?

    Your car’s tyres are also at risk of bursting due to uneven wear. If you don’t change your tyres as recommended, there is a high risk of uneven wear.

    Contact Gargash Auto for a car maintenance to keep you safe on the road.

    Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

    Although overloading is not a major risk, it can be a danger if your vehicle uses old tyres. In this case, overloading is not good news for the vehicle.

    If you are going on a long journey, there is no need to overload. It is definitely a step in the direction of safety.

    Never Forget to Adjust the Wheels

    Improper wheel alignment often has a negative impact on the tyres of a vehicle. If you drive a car with incorrect wheel alignment, the tyres are likely to wear excessively, especially unevenly.

    However, it’s easy to go to Gargash Auto center to have your car inspected by an expert.

    By keeping these points in mind, you are definitely taking an important step towards your safety. Gargash Auto can help you with any type of car service when you book an appointment. Or request a car repair quote on our website.

    What You Should Do Before You Take Your Car to A Workshop

    Your car needs to be serviced once a year, right? That’s an annual maintenance routine. It’s not a particularly difficult task, but it still requires expertise.

    Most people don’t even know how to use a screwdriver, so they rely on mechanics to do it for them. However, it’s a good idea to take your car in for regular maintenance to ensure you get the best service possible. However, there are some important things to keep in mind before you leave your property in someone else’s hands.

    If you keep these things in mind and take good care of your car, it will not be subject to abuse. There are some precautions that you should take before you take your car to a repair shop. By doing this, you can save a lot of money.

    These precautions are divided into two steps. First, before you take your car to the repair shop, and second, after you get your car back.

    Let’s take a look at the precautions you should take before you take your car to a repair shop.

    Check The Fuel Level

    It is advisable to check the fuel level before you take your car to the repair shop. You can keep the fuel receipt or make sure that the worksheet shows the fuel level correctly. However, it is advisable not to overfill the tank and keep the level below 50% before taking the vehicle to the shop.

    Check The Odometer Reading

    Don’t forget to note the odometer reading when you arrive at the repair shop, and be sure to get written proof of this on your invoice. If the vehicle has been misused, it’s easy to tell.

    Label Your Spare Tire For Future Identification.

    There is a possibility that a better-quality spare tire will be replaced with an inferior one; labelling the spare tire can prevent this. When you receive your vehicle back after the repair, you can check the label to identify the new flat tire.

    Protect Your Vehicle’s Documents And Accessories

    You should always protect documents such as your vehicle registration, insurance policy or driver’s license. If you have other removable accessories, remove them or store them in a safe place.

    Find A Mechanic You Trust

    Preventive measures are necessary, but are they worth it if you don’t do them properly? They certainly aren’t! That’s why you need to find a reliable mechanic. Most of us rely on the advice of friends or searching the Internet.

    However, at Gargash Auto, our trusted mechanics, who are experts in their field, always strive to serve every customer with the utmost dedication and integrity.

    At Gargash Auto, you can expect excellent service and reliability that will keep you coming back.

    Nowadays, customers can get an estimate for their car repair with online help. However, it is now easier to calculate the cost of the service upfront. This method can raise questions about the costs involved and the likelihood of replacement. Every job can have hidden costs, inspection fees, and time.

    Gargash Auto gives you the option to request a quote before making a service decision. This option is easily available through the app or by downloading the app.

    Once you have selected a workshop and completed all of the above preparations, your car repair will begin. Your vehicle is on its way to the service center. However, before you can retrieve your vehicle, there are a few things you need to do to prepare.

    Check The Worksheet

    Most professional garages have a work plan. The work plan usually lists all the problems with the vehicle and the work that needs to be done. It provides a clear overview of the repairs and services that were carried out while your vehicle was in the workshop. It also lists the current prices of the parts used for the repairs.

    Don’t Forget To Test Drive Your Vehicle Before Bringing It To The Workshop.

    In this day and age, time is always limited. If you are satisfied with the work done at the service, what’s the point? The best thing to do is to test drive the car and inform the service advisor of any problems you report.

    Professionals don’t overlook anything, but there are always plenty of cars waiting for you in the workshop, so human error can happen.

    But the experts at Gargash Auto can provide the quality and integrity you desire with free home pickup and delivery.

    You can now easily book your car service online through the Gargash Auto website.

    How Do You Demist Your Windshield In Dubai?

    Some people enjoy winter more than others. For many of us, who typically drive for commuting and daily tasks, winter is a particular challenge.

    Windshield fogging is a primary discussion. A dangerous windshield cannot be seen through, especially when driving. Guess what might happen if you drive with no visibility in front of you at all?

    What makes windshields fog up?

    Condensation is the main culprit for fogging windshields. But how does condensation happen? Condensation occurs when a bit of hot air comes in contact with cold air or the environment. The air inside the car is usually hot compared to the outside temperature.

    In addition, the human body and breathing also make the air around it hot. When hot air comes in contact with the windshield, which is usually cool, condensation occurs and you may find that your car’s windshield is completely fogged up.

    However, dealing with this type of problem is easy. It requires learning these tips to clear the windshield.

    Use your car heater to fix the problem immediately

    You should check your car heater first. Try to use the heater in cold conditions initially and gradually increase the temperature so that the air dries easily.

    Make sure the heater vents are pointing in the direction of the windshield so the warm air can do its job with the help of evaporation and continue to heat the glass so condensation doesn’t happen again.

    Be careful with the temperature, as too high is not good either, as there will likely be humidity in the cabin.

    Wait until all the glass surfaces of your car are clean before driving away. It may take longer to completely clear, but at least you will feel a little more comfortable. If your vision is obstructed, you are at risk.

    Climate control systems assist you in demystifying your windshield

    The windshield demystification setting, which automatically adjusts the settings of the ventilation system to produce the best results, is likely to be available on the climate control system of most modern vehicles.

    The temperature in a climate-controlled vehicle is monitored by a thermometer. For example, the thermostat measures the temperature in the vehicle when the climate control system is set to a specific setting. It also adjusts the speed of the fan according to the situation when switching between cooling and heating.

    In addition, there are specific buttons for defogging that you can use when there is a specific requirement.

    However, most cars, especially those that are older, do not come with such a sophisticated system. There are some manual tips that you can follow for this situation.

    Open your front window a little.

    However, you can’t drive with a fogged windshield. Therefore, you apply hacking techniques to defog it before driving. But what happens when you are driving your vehicle and it starts to fog up?

    In this case, opening the windows would undoubtedly help. However, it may seem awkward, but can cold air from an open window defog a windshield?

    Of course, it can! In this case, the cold air from outside lowers the temperature inside the car. On those cold days, it is not practical to leave the entire car window open. Although you should open the windows slightly to allow enough air to enter the cabin to lower the temperature.

    Opening the front windows a few inches is sufficient. This works even better if your heater is working.

    Is there anything I can do to prevent such a problem?

    To solve the problem of fogging windshields, you already know some solutions. But what if you could avoid such problems altogether?

    There is a unique hack to get rid of foggy windshields. This worked when ice hockey players applied it to prevent their visors from fogging up.

    However, it also works well for decrypting every bit of windshield and any other glass.

    This involves applying shaving foam to a piece of cloth and placing it on the inside side of the windshield. Since it contains certain substances (surfactants), they are resistant to water droplets on the surface. However, there is no resistance to condensation.

    What happens if the fog appears on the outer surface?

    Since fog can appear on the inside, there is a good chance that the outer surface will suddenly be covered with fog. This happens when you drive through a warm day, or even when your air conditioning is on high, on a road with hot or humid air.

    However, you can clear the exterior windshield with just a push of the wiper button.

    Also, if you are going to winter, your vehicle should not have cracks of any kind. Cracks are not suitable for foggy conditions. You can choose to have your car windshield replaced at Gargash Auto for a very affordable price.

    Just feel free to order a car repair quote or book your car service with Gargash Auto.

    The Most Important Car Tune-Up Checklist In Dubai

    Vehicles have different needs as each is equipped with different technology. However, once a year or after 10 000 or 12 000 KM without the necessary maintenance, the car must be serviced.

    However, the distinction between maintenance and a garage is blurred. But if you put the vehicle’s considerations into perspective, you can understand it. Simply put, maintenance involves some additional and essential services for the vehicle.

    However, maintenance acts as an immunity booster for the vehicle if you expect it to perform at its best for a long time.

    Whether your car is an older or newer model, frequent maintenance can help keep it in tip-top condition!

    Here Are Some Signs That Your Vehicle May Need To Visit A Garage For Maintenance.

    If the engine starts to hesitate after you turn the key.

    An engine that hesitates is not something you or your car want to experience, but it could be a sign of a serious problem under the bonnet.

    The most obvious cause of this problem is worn spark plugs. Your car is unable to start properly because these spark plugs are no longer able to provide a spark.

    In addition, there may be a problem with the battery, as a weak battery cannot produce the spark needed for ignition. You can consult a mechanic to determine the true cause of this problem.

    However, if you are proactive in your maintenance schedule, you can avoid these problems. A simple spark plug replacement does not cost too much money or time. Regular maintenance is very important as it can detect these problems early, saving you from costly repairs.

    Get your vehicle serviced properly by a professional team at Gargash Auto.

    Reduced Braking Responsiveness

    Because effective braking is just as important as healthy acceleration. If the brakes are unresponsive when driving, it’s useless.

    Braking while driving needs to be agile, practical and, of course, effective. Given that all brakes gradually wear themselves out, you may not know when you need extra braking power.

    The braking system of a vehicle needs to be critically adjusted. The ability of the brake pads to give you reliable braking diminishes over time. If your car spends most of its time in traffic, you may experience premature brake failure.

    That’s why you should make an adjustment before putting yourself and your car in danger.

    Inefficient Fuel Consumption

    However, a vehicle’s fuel consumption varies over its lifetime. When calculating a car’s fuel consumption, it is important to take into account the engine’s performance, the efficiency of the emission system and, most importantly, driving habits.

    However, if specific data is not displayed on your car’s dashboard, it is harder to detect even small changes in fuel consumption. Nowadays, most cars are equipped with an MPG monitor that shows the average fuel efficiency of the car.

    In addition, incorrect wheel alignment can significantly reduce a car’s fuel efficiency.

    Inefficient fuel economy is another sign that something is wrong with the engine. By carrying out maintenance according to the schedule described above, you can prevent further damage from occurring.

    Warning Lights on The Instrument Panel

    If you can’t follow the technical details of your car, there’s something easy to understand on the instrument panel.

    These are warning lights that will be useful if there is any maintenance due.

    If a warning light comes on, there’s something wrong under the bonnet or there’s a service due.

    However, most people may not be aware of warning lights and often have to pay large bills for significant damage that could easily have been avoided.

    Simply go to Gargash Auto for an expert opinion if you notice a warning light on the instrument panel and can’t draw any conclusions. You won’t like paying for engine repairs when you can mitigate the damage with an inexpensive solution.

    Unusual Noises

    Not all noises are bad, but some can be a sign that your car is running strangely. However, if you hear a noise while driving, the situation could be serious.

    Your car may make grinding noises if there’s a lack of fluid, then noises such as thumping if a part has come loose.

    There are a lot of moving parts to keep things moving and working properly. If the car is not maintained, any of these broken or loose parts can make noises that get louder and louder.

    That’s why it’s up to you to keep everything under control by visiting a reliable service center for timely maintenance.

    As car parts degrade over time, they need to be replaced in good time. If you are not smart, your car may force you to take action sooner or later and spend more money than you expect.

    Take your vehicle to Gargash Auto for servicing as soon as possible. In addition, opt for a car scan and diagnostic to check for any current or potential problems with your vehicle.

    You can book a service appointment or a car repair quote at any time on our website.

    Top Reasons Why You Should Have Your Car Serviced At An Independent Workshop

    When it comes to maintenance or repairs, many car owners are often confused.

    There are two options – one is independent garages and the other is an authorised car maintenance centre.

    Before deciding on these, simply consider a number of factors such as the cost of the service, honesty, reputation, the expertise of the mechanic and the reliability of the spare parts.

    However, it is fair to compare the two options available. Here you will get a fair analysis of the different points to make it easy to make a decision later.

    Cost Of Services

    When it comes to costs, independent garages certainly offer a lot of incentives to their customers compared to authorised garages.

    However, the quality of several services, such as a car oil change or oil filter change, would be similar, and there are also authentic spare parts available according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Therefore, visiting an independent garage would not be a bad choice even if the cost of materials such as engine oil or filters is the same but the labour costs vary considerably.

    And if you want reliable maintenance for your car, Gargash Auto should be your first and foremost choice. Here, all your car’s needs will be met in one stop.

    Additional Services

    An independent garage values the loyalty of its customers. If you regularly use its services to service or repair your car, paying less compared to an authorised service centre, there is no doubt that you will receive some additional services free of charge.

    If you continue to have your vehicle serviced locally, you will also have other incentives. These cost reductions become sufficient when they start to accumulate. However, the authorised service centre may have offers, but they do not deal with incentives and other additional services.

    Nowadays, even independent garages are equipped with the most advanced facilities that you would expect in an authorised service centre. So if you have both the quality and the infrastructure you need for your car, then saving money would make sense.

    You can choose Gargash Auto for all your car repairs and maintenance.

    Specializing In Specific Makes And Models

    Nowadays, specialization is not limited to authorized service centers. There are independent workshops with a number of competent mechanics working on different makes and models. Many makes follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) and most independent garages follow standard procedures according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    However, authorized garages follow SOPs but most of them have workload problems. Usually, you do not receive your vehicle on time and there is always some delay.

    You can’t even get close to your vehicle during working hours. But at independent garages, you can keep track of your vehicle’s problems and there will be no confusion.

    Independent garages like Gargash Auto take care of all your vehicle’s requirements. A number of competent and experienced mechanics are available to deal with the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of your car.

    Warranty Considerations

    However, your car may still be covered by a warranty, so you may prefer to go directly to an authentic institution. However, there is no problem in choosing a local garage to repair your vehicle.

    Although you can expect standardization in some areas, it is important to bear in mind that not all authorized centers will provide adequate services; the services provided by different authorized centers can vary considerably.

    In addition, there is a common misconception among car owners that servicing a vehicle at a neighboring shop will invalidate the warranty. Where you take your vehicle for servicing does not affect the warranty period of your vehicle.

    Gargash Auto has been serviced for car maintenance and repair for some time. Visit the garage once; you will not be dissatisfied with the service.

    Advantages Of Pick-Up And Drop-Off

    Most independent garages provide a pick-up and drop-off service from where you live. As the basic service does not require complicated repairs, you can always save money as well as time by getting the service from a local garage such as Gargash Auto.

    However, you can also choose to have your car repaired at a local garage when you are happy. Nowadays, the most well-known service provider deals in authentic car parts when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.

    So, your visit to your local independent garage is a win-win deal, where you get a quality service at very low prices and the garage has the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of its service.

    Among the monopolies of authorized garages, Gargash Auto has done an excellent job in giving its customers maximum satisfaction. You can also be flexible when it comes to servicing or repairing your vehicle. Book a car service or repair order on our website anytime.

    How To Care For An Overheating Car

    There is literally nothing more heartbreaking than a red warning light flashing when you are stuck in rush hour traffic or driving on a remote country lane. Life in the UAE is such that heat, dust and sand can increase the chance of your car overheating. So, it pays to be prepared. If your car gets dangerously hot, it’s important to know what to do to stay safe and limit costly engine damage.

    Why Do Cars Overheat?

    Cars of any age can overheat. Our extremely hot summer temperatures increase the likelihood of this happening, especially if the engine coolant level is low. Cars can also overheat if there are problems with air circulation, for example if the filters are clogged with sand and dust.

    In some cases, an overheating problem can be a sign of a more serious engine problem. Whatever the cause, if your car overheats, you should take action immediately.


    If the engine temperature warning light comes on or steam is escaping from the bonnet, act quickly:

    As soon as it is safe to do so, pull over and stop.

    Switch off the engine.

    Get out of the car and make sure passengers get out too. Make sure everyone is away from the car if it catches fire.

    Open the bonnet to allow the engine to cool down. Bear in mind that it can be very hot, so you may need to use something to protect your hands.

    Whatever you do, do not try to open the radiator cap straight away, as the pressurised steam can cause serious burns.

    Once the engine has cooled down, check the coolant reservoir. If it is empty, the coolant may have leaked or there may be a leak.

    Fill the coolant tank with coolant or a mixture of coolant and water. If possible, it is best not to use water only. Pouring cold water on hot parts can damage the engine.

    If the coolant reservoir is full, there is probably another problem with the engine and you will need the help of a mechanic.

    Never drive if the car is overheated. If you do, you could cause significant engine damage that will be much more expensive to repair.

    Prevention Is Better Than Cure

    In general, in the UAE you should think about having your car serviced every 5,000 km. Regular car maintenance, especially during the hot summer months, can help prevent your car from overheating. During the service, the coolant level will be checked for adequacy and filters can be cleaned or replaced to ensure good air circulation.

    Gargash Auto offers one-stop servicing for all makes and models of cars. Our highly skilled mechanics have years of training and experience as car mechanics, so they’ll know what to do when maintenance and repairs are needed. This means you can be sure they’ll be able to quickly identify and fix any problem, no matter what type of car you drive.

    Don’t put off servicing your car. If you do, it can be much more costly in the long run, as repairs and renewals can be much more expensive. Worse still, you could be faced with the misfortune of having your car break down in the August sunshine. Book your service today and make sure you stay cool.

    How To Extend The Life Of Your Car

    Our car is one of our most valuable assets. And we rely on it a lot. Nowadays, thanks in part to car loans with longer payment plans, people are keeping their vehicles for longer before replacing or upgrading them. Proper maintenance will help your car last as long as possible with as few repairs as possible, so it’s more important than ever to do this.

    Ensure Consistent Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is one of the most important steps you can take to extend the life of your used car. Extend the lifespan of your vehicle by regularly keeping all major parts in check. Check the engine, coolant and oil regularly and never forget to change fluids. By doing so, you can ensure that your engine is running properly and performing as it should. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you follow the maintenance schedule in your vehicle handbook.

    When Driving Slowly

    Excessive speeding causes more damage to your engine and other parts of your car. So, to protect your engine, make sure you do not exceed the speed limit and keep an eye on your fuel consumption.

    Always Check The Oil

    Many car owners take checking their vehicle’s oil for granted. Some do not follow this maintenance advice at all, while others wait a while. The life of your car will be significantly extended if you change your oil on schedule. Make it a routine to have a full oil change every three months.

    Maintain A Steady Driving Speed

    The health of your engine is affected by both how smoothly and how fast you drive. If you drive irregularly and stop and start frequently, you will only shorten the life of your vehicle. This is because every time you accelerate or decelerate, your car will have to work harder. If you have to accelerate, make sure you do it gradually. If you drive more smoothly, you will be less likely to damage your engine.

    Check Tyre Pressure Regularly

    Checking your tyre pressure regularly can help protect your car from everyday shocks. The fewer bumps and shocks it encounters, the less wear and tear on your car’s suspension. There’s also less chance of loosening internal components. There is no reason to take this for granted, as it is a very simple task. It is also an essential step in extending the life of your used vehicle.

    Don’t Forget To Wax And Lubricate

    The body of your car is vulnerable to rust and scratches, especially after prolonged use. To keep your car in good condition and stop its natural deterioration, wax it every six months. Don’t forget to lubricate the hinges and locks to ensure it always works properly.

    Change The Oil Filter

    The oil filter is easily clogged with impurities, which reduces its efficiency. These impurities can later cause damage to the car’s sensitive parts, especially the engine. So, take the time to change the filter every three months before something unwanted happens.

    Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

    Even if you can technically carry heavy loads in a small second-hand car, don’t. Doing so will put a strain on your engine, which could eventually lead to engine failure. Therefore, to ensure the safety and protection of your engine, check the owner’s manual if it specifies the load your vehicle is allowed to carry. To avoid straining the engine, it is also best to remove unnecessary weight while driving, such as bulky tools, boxes and other items that are not really needed.

    How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves Money

    Because it can be expensive, most people don’t like to think or worry about car maintenance. However, the reality is that spending a few hundred dollars on maintenance now can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs. Regular maintenance will save you from unwanted problems ensuring safety and dependability, and can result in increased fuel efficiency. Depreciation value, good resale value for your vehicle provided you have maintained your car well. Performance at its best if you are regularly maintaining the vehicle, you will have better tire traction, stable steering and reliable engine start.

    Without regular maintenance, you could face big repair bills, pay too much for fuel or say goodbye to your beloved car. Here’s how regular maintenance can help you save money and prevent headaches and heartaches.

    Avoid The Need For Repairs

    Oil Changes

    Regular maintenance makes it less likely that your car will need repairs. If you don’t change your oil for too long, your car will start to build up oil sludge. In addition, many of the moving parts in your car will not be properly lubricated, which increases the risk of damage.

    The small cost of an oil change is significantly less than the cost of inspecting your car, removing the deposits, finding the faulty parts and repairing or replacing them.

    Brake Pads

    Brake pads are another excellent example. Many drivers think it is acceptable to drive with worn brake pads as long as they can stop their car. The problem is that you are probably using your brakes with more force than is needed to compensate for the worn brake pads.

    This can cause further problems with the car. A typical result is tyre tread wear that forces you to change your tyres earlier than you had planned. Replacing tyres and the associated repairs are more expensive than regularly replacing brake pads.

    Save Money On Fuel

    Nowadays, many people choose luxury cars that nevertheless support efforts to save energy and the environment. A vehicle that uses less fuel is also more economical overall. However, if you skip maintenance, your car will have to work in less-than-ideal conditions. The end result is often a reduction in fuel efficiency, which in turn drives up fuel prices.

    Avoid Emergency Failures

    Delaying vehicle maintenance increases the likelihood of an accident. A neglected maintenance task could ultimately cause your car to crash. Regular maintenance is cheaper than major and urgent repairs. They can also be a safety hazard.

    Driving a car in poor condition increases the risk of an accident. Even seemingly minor things, like forgetting to change the wiper blades, can become an emergency. You could find yourself in a dangerous situation if it starts to rain and the wipers don’t work and you lose visibility. The small cost of checking and replacing the wiper blades is much less than the potential cost of an accident, which can cause both property damage and personal injury.

    Most people want to keep the fun of driving for as long as possible because they have a sentimental attachment to their car. However, if you drive your car, it will eventually need to be replaced or at least substantially rebuilt to function properly.

    Although every car has a certain lifespan, you can prolong the life of your car in good condition by carrying out regular maintenance. The better maintained your car is, the longer you will be able to use it and the less money you will spend on buying a new car.

    How Do I Service My Car In The Uae?

    Once you’ve bought your perfect car, the next challenge is to keep it running smoothly so that it lasts for years without any problems. While not everyone is a qualified car mechanic or technician, there are things we can all do to maintain our car in the UAE and avoid annoying breakdowns.

    Regular car maintenance

    The first item on any list should be that all-important one – a full-service history. Your car is a finely tuned machine, with every moving part working synergistically to ensure a trouble-free drive. If something starts to wear out or break down due to lack of maintenance, your car will kill you, and usually at the worst possible time.

    Paying attention to these maintenance points, including intermediate and essential services, will help you keep your car running smoothly. Trust your intuition. If you think something is wrong, talk to your technician and ask him to check it. Detecting problems earlier prevents them from turning into bigger and more costly breakdowns.

    Park your car in the shade

    The UAE is blessed with spectacular weather, but bear in mind that our strong summer sun can be hard on your car. UV rays can damage paintwork and turn the inside of your car into an oven, which can warp plastic panels and fade fabrics. Our top tip for avoiding the sun’s harmful effects on your vehicle is to park in the shade, preferably in an underground car park where the temperature is much lower. If you have to park your car in the sun, sun blinds on the windows or even 3M window tinting will help reduce the heat inside.

    Keep your tyres in good condition

    They are the last point of contact with the road and your biggest safety feature. Tyres in good condition work more efficiently to keep you safe on the road. Be aware of under-inflated or over-inflated tyres too – not only are they a safety hazard, but they also have a negative impact on your car’s fuel efficiency. If you are not sure what your tyre pressure should be, consult your service centre.

    Wash and maintain your car regularly

    Regular car washing and cleaning not only makes for a more pleasant space but also helps to keep your car in better condition. (However, avoid washing your car during the hottest part of the day to avoid damage to the paintwork). A good wash allows you to get to know your car better by inspecting it centimetre by centimetre as you clean it. This will help you identify any obvious problems and address them earlier to prevent them from becoming full-blown problems.

    If you want to sell your car in the UAE, it’s important to keep it clean. A clean, well-maintained vehicle with a neatly polished exterior and an interior that doesn’t smell cigarette smoke or food will be much easier to sell. It shows a potential buyer that you have taken good care of your car and maintained it properly.

    Buy a used car in the UAE that has been properly inspected

    If you buy a used car in the UAE, buy one you can trust. If you buy an ‘unknown’ car (one with poor service history, obvious signs of major repairs or rebuilding, etc.), there is a good chance that your maintenance costs could soar.

    Mechanic changing engine oil on car vehicle.


    Do you inspect your car’s fluids regularly? If you are not, your car’s power, gas mileage, and resell value may suffer, as well as increased repair bills and the risk of a breakdown or accident.

    Below are some essential car fluids which play a vital role in the proper working of your car:

    1. Engine oil – The capacity of your car engine to run depends heavily on oil. The engine will lock up if the oil isn’t changed as often as it should be, and your car won’t start. This enables your car to run smoothly. 
    1. Transmission oil – It is important to cool the transmission components to ensure smooth shifting and control of the gear. 
    1. Coolant –  When engines are running, they generate a lot of heat. To keep your engine from overheating, coolant (also known as antifreeze) travels throughout it. It also protects the engine by lubricating the water pump bearings and preventing corrosion.
    1. Brake fluid – this is the connection between the pedal and brakes. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the brake plunger within the master cylinder is activated. The pressure forces the brake fluid from its reservoir within the brake lines, causing the brake pads to slow your vehicle.
    1. Power steering fluid – This helps to turn the wheels of your car smoothly and effortlessly. 

    After gaining knowledge about the most important car fluids, make sure to check up on them regularly!

    To get your car checked and serviced by professionals, feel free to visit Gargash Auto or book a consultation session for your car by clicking here.

    Picture showing muscular car service worker repairing vehicle


    In this article, you will discover the 5 signs you should watch out for when buying a used car in the UAE.

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