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    A guide to choosing the perfect paint service for your car in Dubai

    Introduction to various types of paint services available in the market.

    Repainting your car is a major decision. Not only should it look good and match the vehicle’s make and model, but it should also protect the car from the harmful elements and last long.

    A complete paint job on a vehicle can be expensive, and this is why you should choose a suitable and trusted workshop or garage.

    While selecting a new color to paint your car, you might come across terms like ‘water-borne paint’ and ‘solvent paint’ which may sound confusing at first, but this article will help you understand the differences and provide you with a calculated approach to choosing the best paint job for your valuable car.

    In this blog, we will look at how automotive paints can be divided into different categories and which would be the best for your needs.

    It’s not a bad idea to briefly educate yourself about what goes into making the paint used on your car, so let’s start with that:

    How is car paint made?

    The three main components of automotive paint are:

    • Pigment: Provides color to the paint.
    • Thinner: Adjusts the consistency of the paint.
    • Binder: A substance that holds the pigment and thinner together.

    What is solvent-borne paint?

    Solvent-based paints are made by combining color with solvents such as varnish, urethane, or enamel. Since the solvent base makes up a large part of the paint mixture, the entire paint mixture contains a high concentration of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These compounds are highly harmful to the environment, which is why these paints are becoming increasingly unpopular. Due to environmental concerns, people use less and less of these paints.

    What does water-borne paint mean?

    These paints do not contain environmentally harmful solvents, instead, they only use water. It can be used on primers, bare metal, or existing coatings. Additionally, water-based paints are gaining popularity due to environmental impact as they are not harmful to the environment nor do they contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like other paints.

    Moving on to the next phase of which is the car painting process, the majority of us imagine it to be a process that is as simple as mechanics using spray paints to repaint it, but it’s a lot more than that and the next section gives an overview of how the process works.

    Steps to paint a car

    Step 1: Primer

    Primer is the first step in the painting process for automobiles. It serves several functions, from leveling the body’s surface to masking manufacturing flaws. Moreover, it also protects the body from rust, heat variations, stone chips, UV light, and other environmental factors.

    Step 2: Basecoat

    The second stage is where visual properties and color effects emerge. The base coat is typically one of three colors: solid, metallic, or pearlescent.

    Step 3: Sanding

    Sanding a car entails several stages of sanding to ensure that the surface is straight, smooth, and ready for paint. It can be used to remove old paint, smooth out scratches, and prepare a surface for the new paint to adhere to.

    Now for the exciting part! This is where you can customize the look of your car. Be it solid, metallic, or pearlescent.

    1. Solid

    This type of finish typically applied in a single step has a very limited color palette. However, if you like solid colors, this is your type.

    1. Metallic Paints

    In its most basic form, metallic paint is a color application followed by an additional layer of lacquer (also known as the clear coat). In addition, a small amount of powdered metal is mixed into the paint layer to produce a much more appealing shine than standard solid paints. Metal particles reflect more incident light than solid colors, resulting in a higher paint output than solid paints.

    1. Pearlescent Paints

    Pearlescent paints are a combination of essential paint components found in metallic paints in which the metal powder is replaced with ceramic crystals known as mica. Mica has the unique property of not only reflecting but also refracting light. This refraction, along with the shine, gives the paint a deep color. The color shifts depending on how you look at it. The pearlescent paint has a distinct edge over the metallic paint, visible when viewed in direct sunlight.

    Additionally, Mixing paint and painting products is a simple way to become exposed to paint and fumes. Our mechanics mix materials & paint the car in a designated, well-ventilated area and wear a mask, goggles, and protective clothing.

    However, car paint takes 24 hours to dry naturally and cure to the point where it is scratch-resistant.

    Have you decided how you want to paint your car? Do you require additional assistance in making your decision? In either case, Gargash Auto is happy to assist. We have 15 years of experience doing bodywork and a passion for car restorations. Pay us a visit or request an estimate today.

    You’ll want to ensure that your workshop’s technicians are qualified. They should be trained and certified. This can give you confidence that they will not cut corners and use the appropriate primers and seam sealants.

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