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    Why Are Injection Systems Increasingly Preferred To Carburettors?

    Fuel must always enter the combustion cylinder to be compressed and then ignited. For many years, carburettors and fuel injectors dominated fuel delivery to the engine. Although fuel injectors are on their way to the future, carburettors have long been obsolete.

    For four-wheeled vehicles, especially passenger cars, fuel injection has definitely prevailed. Still, carburettors have not completely disappeared from view and make for an interesting discussion about cars.

    But first, let’s take a look at how the carburettor works and how it supplies fuel to the engine.

    How Does The Carburettor Control Fuel Delivery?

    The basic structure of a carburettor consists of a cylinder with an intake port at the top. Air enters the carburettor through this inlet port after being cleaned by an air filter. A mechanism (venturi, cone) throttles the airflow and increases its speed.

    The nozzle releases fuel at the venturi opening, creating a mixture of air and fuel that enters the combustion chamber.

    At the outlet of the carburettor, there is a valve (throttle) that regulates the airflow; its position determines the air supply to the carburettor, and the throttle is operated by the accelerator pedal. When the accelerator pedal is depressed, the throttle opens and airflow increases. As more fuel flows to the carburettor, the vehicle can burn more fuel.

    When you release the gas pedal and the engine slows down, the airflow to the fuel mixture decreases.

    How Does The Fuel Injection System Control Fuel Delivery?

    The fuel injection system usually has a nozzle that is inserted into the combustion cylinders. The fuel passes through a pressure pump where it is atomized and mixed with air before being injected into the combustion cylinder.

    However, the air supply is controlled by an air sensor. Similarly, the fuel supply is controlled by instructions from the fuel sensor. There are other sensors that measure engine load, temperature, and throttle position, but all of these sensors send data to the ECU, where fuel delivery is determined by a series of calculations.

    Why Do Fuel Injection Systems Replace Carburettors?

    Almost all modern vehicles, especially those manufactured since the turn of the millennium, are now equipped with fuel injection. What makes this subtle change necessary? Yes, of course! Why should cars be left behind when the world is moving to computer technology?

    Carburettors are more of a manual injection system, with no ECU or sensors intervening.

    Fuel injection systems, on the other hand, rely on an electronic control unit (ECU) to control most of the engine’s functions. The electronic control unit makes highly accurate fuel delivery decisions based on a range of data that comes from multiple sensors, such as airflow, throttle position, engine speed and more. All of the data is processed by the ECU, which then determines how much fuel to add. This is how the system determines fuel delivery, making fuel injection an efficient system that works on demand. The efficiency of the fuel injection system allows the vehicle to start smoothly even in the most difficult conditions, such as very cold days.

    Nowadays, vehicles equipped with carburetors are mostly two-wheelers. When you need to start a two-wheeler, the choke comes into play. Once the choke is pulled, the vehicle can start. After that, the vehicle has to warm up properly before it can continue.

    With a Carburetor, the same effort is required to start a four-wheeled car on a cold day. You have to operate the choke and let the engine warm up before you can continue. With fuel injection, this effort is eliminated.

    Also, carburetors are not the best choice in terms of fuel efficiency, as proper fuel delivery prevents fuel waste. However, there are many vehicles that prefer carburetors, especially the much-improved version known as direct injection.

    There are also regions where there is a demand for vehicles with carburetors, and somehow, they are also supplied with these vehicles. Usually, the vehicles are purchased from the original manufacturer before changes are made to them, such as the elimination of computerized controls and the use of more mechanical devices such as carburetors. The main reason for these changes is to reduce the final cost of the vehicle.

    Is Fuel Injection More Difficult To Maintain Than A Carburettor?

    A carburetor is more of a mechanical device; therefore, repairing a carburetor requires hand tools and a willingness to get your hands dirty; however, repairing an engine does not come without the appropriate technical knowledge.

    The fuel injection system is a complex system that relies on electronic sensors and computers, and it takes a professional to repair it. However, with automatic scanners and diagnostic equipment, you can easily identify the problem by simply plugging in a wire.

    If you have a problem under the hood, Gargash Auto’s trained experts are always on hand to troubleshoot and find the right solution.

    Full Coverage VS Partial Coverage Car Insurance

    Is Car Insurance Mandatory In The UAE?

    Finding a reliable car insurance plan is a fundamentally important undertaking when you purchase a vehicle in the UAE. Choosing car insurance can be a tedious and time-consuming process due to the various plan options available in the market. While having a lot of choices to select from, is desired, likewise, it also increases the level of confusion in buying the apt car insurance for your needs… There are two primary sorts of car insurance plans accessible in the UAE – third-party car insurance that offers partial coverage and comprehensive car insurance that offers full coverage against any kind of damages or losses. You can also learn everything you should be looking for when purchasing a car insurance in the UAE

    What Is Third-party Car Insurance? 

    A Third party car insurance plan only covers the damages caused to third-party vehicles and the injuries sustained by the driver. The injuries sustained by the third-party driver including death and disability are covered in this policy as well. The vehicle damages incurred due to any self or external mistakes are not covered by this plan. These include damages such as accidents, theft, or man-made and natural perils.

    What Is Full Coverage Car Insurance? 

    Comprehensive car insurance also known as full coverage car insurance covers the damages to both parties involved. This means this insurance covers the repair expenses of your vehicle, the cost of any emergency treatment if required, and any property and personal damage to the third party. Along with this, comprehensive or full coverage insurance also covers the car in case of any damages caused by man-made disasters, natural disasters, theft, etc. Comprehensive insurance can be customized based on the needs of the client.

    Which Insurance Is Mandatory In The UAE?

    It is important to have valid third-party liability car insurance in the UAE.  It’s also important to learn how to file a car insurance claim in the UAE. This means that every individual in the UAE must have a valid third-party car insurance cover. Even though full coverage or comprehensive car insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Due to the complexities of the different types of options available for car insurance, it is highly recommended that you go with a well-reputed insurance brokerage firm, such as Gargash Insurance.

    Which Insurance Cover Should You Opt For?

    Comprehensive car insurance offers wider coverage, but the premiums are also higher. Premiums for new cars are higher due to the higher market price. 

    Full coverage or comprehensive car insurance is ideal when a new car is purchased. You can check with your insurance brokerage company to get a better understanding of both plans. 

    According to Pitstop Arabia, some of the best insurance providers in the UAE are RSA Insurance, GIG Insurance, Adamji Insurance, Al-Wathba Insurance, and Arabian Scandinavian Insurance as are listed with some certified A list workshops (ESMA Certified)  such as Gargash Auto, Swiss Auto, etc.

    Overview of Third Party and comprehensive car insurance 

    Parameters Third Party car insurance  Comprehensive car insurance 
    Coverage  Covers third-party liabilities caused by the owner/driver of the vehicle  Covers both third-party liabilities and own damages. It also covers losses incurred due to man-made and natural disasters
    Requirement  Mandatory for all vehicles registered in the UAE Ideal for a new car, not mandatory as every vehicle will be having partial coverage 
    Limitations Does not provide cover for own damages and injuries Depends on the policy
    Cost Cost – effective  Slightly expensive when compared with partial car insurance 
    Customization  No Yes, based on availability
    Road-side assistance  No Yes, you can also opt to remove it as per your requirement


    Factors To Consider When Buying Your Car Insurance

    1. Age and type of the car: If you have purchased a new car and/or premium vehicle, it is ideal to opt for full coverage car insurance to ensure you are also covered in case of any damages caused due to natural and man-made disasters. 

    1. Your needs: If you have specific needs such as going on the off-road cover, Oman cover, etc, it is ideal to opt for comprehensive car insurance cover as you would be able to customize your car insurance plan by opting for add-ons.
    1. Budget: Car insurance premium in UAE depends on several factors like the value of the car, type of car insurance chosen, the extent of coverage, etc. It is important to be mindful of your budget and align your needs accordingly while buying a car insurance plan. 

    1. Driving history & conditions: If you work or live near an area prone to accidents or breakdowns, or are generally prone to getting into accidents, consider getting a comprehensive car insurance plan. Alternatively, if you are a cautious driver, you should take advantage of the no-claims bonus, you can speak to a trusted insurance broker to know more about this. 


    To sum it up, it is mandatory to have valid car insurance when driving a car in the UAE. Third-party car insurance is the minimum requirement as per UAE laws.

    However, it is ideal to understand both third-party and comprehensive car insurance plans and make the right choice based on your requirements. Consider both the options and choose the plan that suits your unique needs & requirements 

    How Can You File A Car Insurance Claim In The UAE?

    Road accidents may happen to anyone. If you have recently been involved in a car accident, the first thing you should do is remain calm and collected. In order to cover the damages you will be required to make a claim with your insurance company. . See what you should do if you are in a car accident.

    1. Immediately Contact The Police

    You cannot file a car insurance claim in the UAE without a police accident report. Before you do anything else, call the police and report the accident. You can do this either by calling them on 901 or reporting the accident using the Dubai Police application on your phone, so make sure you have it downloaded after reading this blog to remain on the safer side. As part of the procedure, the police will inspect both the car and the location of the incident.

    After that, both drivers are issued a green or red paper with the accident summary and contact information. The red and green papers are issued to the parties at fault and not at fault respectively.

    1. Record The Incident On Your Phone

    Take photos of your damaged vehicle and other bodily injuries, if applicable, resulting from the accident. This strengthens your insurance claim and increases your chances of receiving fair reimbursement for the losses caused due to the accident.

    1. Immediately Notify Your Car Insurance Provider

    After you’ve reported the event to the police, your next action should be to notify your insurance provider. It is critical to provide all data regarding the accident to your insurer in order for your claim to be processed properly. If you are working with a trusted insurance broker with a dedicated claims team like Gargash Insurance, you can get in touch with them to register your claim.,

    4. Examine Your Motor Insurance Policy
    The importance of a motor or car insurance policy is often realized only during an accident, hence it is advisable to thoroughly understand the features and benefits of your car insurance policy while purchasing it. During an accident, it is advisable that you check over your insurance policy again in order to be more confident in claiming the appropriate settlement amount. It will inform you of what is and is not covered by your policy. Understanding your policy terms will assist you in negotiating with your insurance agent during the ultimate settlement of insurance claims. Make sure they have garages like Gargash Auto listed on their panel, that have a commendable service history.

    5. Gather Case Documents

    A copy of the police case report will help you if there is a dispute over the settlement.

    Documents Needed in the UAE to Process Car Insurance Claims

    • Police report
    • Car registration document or Mulkiya 
    • Car modification certificate ( if any)
    • Valid Driving license
    • Completed Claim Form
    • Emirates ID Card

    Accidents do not arrive with warnings, and we must constantly be prepared for the worst. A motor insurance policy can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend in the event of an accident. It alleviates a significant weight during such a difficult and traumatic period. 

    Get your auto insurance policy from Gargash Insurance to simplify a complicated and time-consuming process. They guarantee to be there for you when you need them the most.

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