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    Your car is in excellent hands with our Mercedes Benz certified technicians.
    Car Service Mercedes BMW
    We offer you peace of mind with every service.

    With Gargash Auto your vehicle is always serviced as per manufacturer specification, so you know you’re getting the same quality as an agency service.

    Gargash auto prides itself on hiring the best mechanics and technicians who are not only passionate automobile enthusiasts but also specialists in everything from minor to major car services qualified to manage any jobs on your European, German, exotic and luxury cars. They are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

    Additional benefits of our car maintenance service is our extremely thorough health check, we can diagnose any problem before it actually becomes an issue, saving you time and money.

    Using specialist workshops to service your automobile is the rightway to go because they understand your car’s specific needs. Going for a low-cost non-specialist option may seem like a good idea upfront, but it can cost you more in the long run. For example, servicing can expose hidden engine damage that might not impact your ability to drive the car. If you drive with minimal oil in your car, you can damage your piston rings, causing it to break and these repairs can cost a lot.

    Our passion for cars runs through every part of our business. Gargash Auto’s goal is to make the auto repair industry transparent and easy to navigate for the customer. We believe that being honest is an integral part of doing business and our agents are always upfront about all the procedures and services your vehicle needs.

    Want to service your car with us?

    The cars we service

    Car Brand Minor service from Major service from
    Mercedes starting from AED 499 AED 900
    BMW starting from AED 499 AED 900
    VW starting from AED 499 AED 800
    Rolls Royce starting from AED 1,200 AED 2,100
    Porsche starting from AED 620 AED 840
    Audi starting from AED 499 AED 840
    Mini cooper starting from AED 499 AED 900
    Bentley starting from AED 1,100 AED 1,900
    *Is your car not on the list? Click here for a personalized quote

    Other elements of Vehicle maintenance include :

    ✓ Mechanical and Electrical repairs
    ✓ Ac repairing
    ✓ Regular maintenance services
    ✓ Minor and Major services
    ✓ Roof lining and upholstery repairs
    ✓ Interior cleaning
    ✓ Exterior Polish

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