Your car is an extension of you. So why not treat it as such?

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    With Gargash Auto you can customize every inch of your car.
    Our belief that an automobile is an extension of it’s driver is the philosophy that drives our world class body shop. We can do anything and everything from full resprays to bespoke custom work. Our range of services include but are not limited to wheel change, body modifications, window tinting, interior cleaning and upholstery, painting, and fixing of all accessories
    With our world-class body work services, your car can truly reflect you.
    Get a free estimate for any body work or accident repair services you may need.

    Save Up To 35% Plus On Your Next Annual Vehicle Service
    Through Our Service Contracts

    So these are just some of the types of modifications you can do with your car. These car modification accessories can enhance the overall appearance and performance of your car. With Gargash auto you’re sure to get quality work and parts. It’s always best to research before you change anything about your car, make sure to ask our resident car experts for tips and feedback.
    Service Starting from
    Window tinting AED 399
    Headlight restoration AED 200
    Rim repairing AED 300
    Car respray AED 9,000
    Smart repair AED 300

    We have Dailmer (The Mercedes Benz parent company) trained and certified technicians working with us.

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