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The Serious Threat to Car Windshield in Dubai

December 01, 2023 | By Gargash |

It’s very unusual to open your garage door and find that your car windshield is cracked. This is quite unexpected considering that you parked at night when there was nothing there.


Also, windshields can break outside the garage, in a working parking lot.


However, this can also happen while driving, but windshields are strong enough to withstand all possible threats from the environment. You can also learn how to demist your car windshield in Dubais unique climate with our expert tips and tricks


However, since your car windshield has the function of protecting you from the wind and rain, it has to take a lot of damage. It is inevitable that your car will experience windshield damage during the course of its use.


Let’s try to understand the causes of car windshield breakage with this detailed analysis.


Rapid Fluctuations in Temperature Are Not Good for Your Car Windshield


Windshields are unable to cope with sudden changes in temperature. When there is a sudden change in temperature, windshields usually change size due to contraction or expansion. The windshield sometimes cannot withstand this and will eventually crack.


It can also have defects. These mistakes include using a lot of boiling water or releasing agents on the glass. Sunlight can also be the cause if you leave your car in the sun on a sunny day, especially if you turn the air conditioner up when the temperature inside is too high.


Because of this difference in the rate of expansion and contraction, the edges of the glass will heat up more quickly, causing cracks.


Another common cause of windshield damage is the ever-changing weather. Damage caused by rocks can likewise be caused by tree branches, other debris, large hail or high winds. In bad weather, use covered parking lots, such as garages, and avoid driving on the open road!


Another common cause of windshield damage in Dubai is the ever-changing weather. Damage from rocks, tree branches, debris, large hail, or high winds is equally concerning. During inclement weather, it’s advisable to seek shelter in a car garage in Dubai or use covered parking lots, avoiding open road driving.


Poor Quality Glass and Incorrect Installation


Your car windshield needs to be strong enough to withstand a variety of threats, but if it’s not made of the right glass, it can crack under pressure. This is damage that happens to windshields, especially at the edges.


In addition to poor quality, installation is an important factor in protecting your car windshield from cracking. Even incorrect installation will not protect your vehicle’s windshield from unwanted cracks.


For a windshield to provide structural support and protection, it must be made of high-quality materials and properly installed by a professional mechanic.


Gargash Auto is the nest option of windshield replacement services at prices that will blow your mind.


Road Debris Is a Major Threat to Car Windshields


Road debris can consist of rocks, tree branches, pebbles, etc. Usually, these hard objects fly away when they are run over by the tires of other vehicles.


However, when they hit vehicles, especially windshields, there is no way to prevent them from breaking. There is nothing you can do to prevent this except to keep a sufficient distance. Be careful when driving at high speeds in areas where construction is underway.


However, in areas where there are wooden branches, you can adjust your speed slightly and pay close attention to whether there are vehicles behind you.


Air Pressure or Collisions May Cause Concern


Pressure changes due to sudden strong winds or even events such as heavy objects placed on the windshield can be enough to cause sudden cracks.


However, collisions are probably the most obvious cause of windshield breakage. The most common collision involves two vehicles. It may also involve a collision with an animal or bird.


The best way to avoid this type of windshield breakage is to always drive defensively, be cautious, and react on the fly.


What You Should Be Aware of If Your Car Windshield Is Broken?


A crack can cause major damage to your car’s rear-view mirror, and it is important to remember the importance of where it is located. The most important thing is to have a clear view to passing traffic on the road. However, a crack may not be serious unless it obstructs your view. Driving with a cracked mirror is dangerous, but it can break anywhere on the road, making it unsafe,


However, some damage can be repaired, but not all. A professional is the right person to assess this call. Nonetheless, certain damages can be remedied, although not all. It’s crucial to consult a professional, such as a car repair shop, to evaluate the situation accurately. If your car is cracked, Gargash Auto is a good place to start.



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