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Learn How To Prevent Car Tire Burst - Expert Tips For Safe Driving

May 07, 2024 | By Gargash |

Steps To Prevent a Tire Burst



Learning how to prevent car tire burst is crucial, taking into account the extent of the damage. But how to do that? As the word “prevention” implies, individuals cannot influence all the factors that contribute to an outbreak.


Nevertheless, we should first try to understand them.


A. What Is a Blown Tire?


Normally, we speak of a “blowout,” which is a gradual loss of pressure in a tire. In this case, you always have time to solve the problem, either by repairing the tire or by other means. A flat tire, on the other hand, is a sudden loss of air that can damage the tread and sidewalls of the tire.


In most cases, it is possible to still drive the car after a flat tire, but not with a flat tire. Risk of collision. This can happen with any tire, but older tires are especially vulnerable and need special attention. Sudden collisions with the front or rear can cause a loss of control.


Keep these important points in mind to stay one step ahead on the road.


B. Avoid Driving Too Much on Damaged Roads To Prevent Car Tire Burst


Tire rubber is tough enough to withstand the rigours of rough roads. But there are limits, and excessive driving can damage tires. Unpaved roads can be full of potholes, debris and damaging objects. Excessive driving over potholes will undoubtedly cause significant damage, but any sharp object can also destroy a tire in an instant.


Driving over rocks or glass can also damage the vehicle. Roads cannot be repaired individually, but rough driving, especially over potholes and debris, can be avoided.


With old tires, more care should be taken when driving on rough roads. If possible, avoid such roads.


C. Never Drive with Punctured Tires


Flat tires are inevitable when driving on roads. A tire can be punctured at any time by a nail or other sharp object. Punctured tires do not suddenly burst, but deflate gradually. However, such tires can also burst, especially if they have lost a lot of air.


In most cases, you can’t tell if a tire is deflating unless you pump it up more often than usual. You can tell a flat tire by how many times it has lost air. It is also important to check the tire for unusual items, such as a piece of glass or a small piece of metal sticking out of the tire.


With a quick visual inspection and repair, you may be able to avoid a risky and costly flat tire. Consider “Gargash Auto” for immediate assistance.


D. Don’t Let Your Vehicle’s Tires Run Too Low on Air Pressure


Tires function best at a certain level of air pressure. If the air pressure is too high, there is always a chance of a flat tire.


On the other hand, tires with too low air pressure can stop working. Since the grip of the tires involuntarily expands when the air pressure is low, they must be stretched to keep the car moving. For this reason, any sharp object can easily tear the outer surface of the tire.


If you’re not sure how much air your vehicle’s tires need, you can check your owner’s manual or the sticker on the driver’s side of the vehicle near the door frame.


E. Don’t Put Off Replacing Old Tires


Old tires are most likely to blow out. Under normal circumstances, tires can last more than five years. This depends on how you use your vehicle. Do you use it to commute to work, travel long distances often, or only use it occasionally?


Your car’s tires are also at risk of bursting due to uneven wear. If you don’t change your tires as recommended, there is a high risk of uneven wear.


Contact Gargash Auto for a car maintenance to keep you safe on the road.


F. Don’t Overload Your Vehicle


Although overloading is not a major risk, it can be a danger if your vehicle uses old tires. In this case, overloading is not good news for the vehicle.


If you are going on a long journey, there is no need to overload. It is definitely a step in the direction of safety.


G. Never Forget to Adjust the Wheels


Improper wheel alignment often has a negative impact on the tires of a vehicle. If you drive a car with incorrect wheel alignment, the tires are likely to wear excessively, especially unevenly.


However, it’s easy to go to Gargash Auto repair and service center to have your car inspected by an expert.




By keeping these points in mind, you are definitely taking an important step towards your safety. 


Gargash Auto can help you with any type of car service when you book an appointment by calling 8004272886 or a Whatsapp to 0547935400 or simply request a car repair quote on our website.



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