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Learn How To Demist Your Windshield In Dubai With Gargash Auto

May 17, 2024 | By Gargash |

How Do You Demist Your Windshield In Dubai?


Some people enjoy winter more than others. For many of us, who typically drive for commuting and daily tasks, winter is a particular challenge.


Windshield fogging is a primary discussion. A dangerous windshield cannot be seen through, especially when driving. Guess what might happen if you drive with no visibility in front of you at all?


A. What makes windshields fog up?


Condensation is the main culprit for fogging windshields. But how does condensation happen? Condensation occurs when a bit of hot air comes in contact with cold air or the environment. The air inside the car is usually hot compared to the outside temperature.


In addition, the human body and breathing also make the air around it hot. When hot air comes in contact with the windshield, which is usually cool, condensation occurs and you may find that your car’s windshield is completely fogged up.


However, dealing with this type of problem is easy. It requires learning these tips of how to avoid mist on car glass to clear the windshield.


B. Use your car heater to fix the problem immediately


You should check your car heater first. Try to use the heater in cold conditions initially and gradually increase the temperature so that the air dries easily.


Make sure the heater vents are pointing in the direction of the windshield so the warm air can do its job with the help of evaporation and continue to heat the glass so condensation doesn’t happen again.


Be careful with the temperature, as too high is not good either, as there will likely be humidity in the cabin.


Wait until all the glass surfaces of your car are clean before driving away. It may take longer to completely clear, but at least you will feel a little more comfortable. If your vision is obstructed, you are at risk.


C. Climate control systems assist you in demystifying your windshield


The windshield demystification setting, which automatically adjusts the settings of the ventilation system to produce the best results, is likely to be available on the climate control system of most modern vehicles.


The temperature in a climate-controlled vehicle is monitored by a thermometer. For example, the thermostat measures the temperature in the vehicle when the climate control system is set to a specific setting. It also adjusts the speed of the fan according to the situation when switching between cooling and heating.


In addition, there are specific buttons for defogging that you can use when there is a specific requirement.


However, most cars, especially those that are older, do not come with such a sophisticated system. There are some manual tips that you can follow for this situation.


D. Open your front window a little


However, you can’t drive with a fogged windshield. Therefore, you apply hacking techniques to defog it before driving. But what happens when you are driving your vehicle and it starts to fog up?


In this case, opening the windows would undoubtedly help. However, it may seem awkward, but can cold air from an open window defog a windshield?


Of course, it can! In this case, the cold air from outside lowers the temperature inside the car. On those cold days, it is not practical to leave the entire car window open. Although you should open the windows slightly to allow enough air to enter the cabin to lower the temperature.


Opening the front windows a few inches is sufficient. This works even better if your heater is working.


E. Is there anything I can do to prevent such a problem?


To solve the problem of fogging windshields, you already know some solutions. But what if you could avoid such problems altogether?


There is a unique hack to get rid of foggy windshields. This worked when ice hockey players applied it to prevent their visors from fogging up.


However, it also works well for decrypting every bit of windshield and any other glass.


This involves applying shaving foam to a piece of cloth and placing it on the inside side of the windshield. Since it contains certain substances (surfactants), they are resistant to water droplets on the surface. However, there is no resistance to condensation.


F. What happens if the fog appears on the outer surface?


Since fog can appear on the inside, there is a good chance that the outer surface will suddenly be covered with fog. This happens when you drive through a warm day, or even when your air conditioning is on high, on a road with hot or humid air.


However, you can clear the exterior windshield with just a push of the wiper button.


Also, if you are going to winter, your vehicle should not have cracks of any kind. Cracks are not suitable for foggy conditions. 


You can choose to have your car windshield repaired in Dubai at Gargash Auto for a very affordable price.

Just feel free to order a car repair quote or book your car service with Gargash Auto by contacting us at 8004272886 or simply a Whatsapp text to 0547935400.



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