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Exploring Car Body Types: A Guide to the Differences

May 14, 2024 | By Gargash |

The Differences Between Car Bodies



Buying a car, whether it’s new or used, is one of the most important decisions you can make. Each driver has their own priorities, such as the appearance and safety aspects of the car, and at Gargash Auto, we understand that what appeals to one buyer does not necessarily appeal to another. However, knowing the difference between an SUV and a hatchback may make the decision easier. If you are unsure of the differences between these two types of vehicles, we have prepared this guide to help you.


A. Sedan Or Hatchback?


Although they may be identical in appearance, there are some obvious differences between a saloon and a hatchback. The main one is luggage capacity. The interior of a saloon is divided into three parts: the engine compartment, the driver and front passenger seats and the boot. While the boot can be quite spacious, it has limited space to cram items in. It also has a longer wheelbase than the hatchback, which means more legroom and comfort. They are best suited to people and families who travel less and focus more on the interior space of the car than the boot space.


In contrast, hatchbacks offer more boot space as the rear seats can be lowered to accommodate luggage. When the rear seats are folded down, luggage becomes obvious. However, this makes the car ideal for people who use it for a variety of purposes, such as carrying passengers or extra luggage. The tailgate also has higher pillars so that you can carry luggage higher up than in a saloon.


B. Pick-Up Truck Or SUV?


If you want something bigger and bolder, you may be wondering whether you should go for a pickup truck or an SUV. These vehicles have powerful engines and are excellent workhorses, but don’t skimp on comfort or style. If you’re towing a boat or trailer, a pickup with a wider wheelbase is advantageous. They’re also useful when you need to get rid of household waste, as you can load cargo into the cargo area and separate it from the passengers. In addition, some models have enough space for the whole family so you don’t have to worry about leaving someone behind.


SUVs are ideal for travelling. They are easier to park and manoeuvre than pick-up trucks and are a more convenient means of transport. In addition, they have more space for passengers as they don’t have the cargo bed of a pickup truck. It is also a good choice for those who need more space as it is easy to tow a trailer, smaller than a pickup. It is ideal for families who need to haul extra items without having to park and drive a larger vehicle. It also has moderate off-road capability, making it ideal if you need to sprint to your destination on a dusty track.


C. What Is An MPV?


Multi-passenger vehicles (MPVs) are larger versions of SUVs that can seat seven to eight people and are ideal for companies wishing to transport large families, visitors and employees in comfort. They are often equipped with sliding side doors for easy access to the interior and the seating arrangements can be rearranged to carry larger items.


D. Coupé – The Sporty Choice


Coupés are usually two-door vehicles designed for serious fun! If it’s just the two of you and you’re driving to a luxury hotel on a winding mountain road at the weekend, then these are the cars to choose from, powerful, well-equipped and fun for the driver. With clean lines and a low centre of gravity, these high-performance cars offer responsive handling and cornering and are nimble enough for hairpin bends.


E. Style, Substance Or Both?


Whether you are selling or buying a car, the style of the bodywork has a big impact on its functionality. A car moving around town may not have boot space, but it is still useful. A truck with all the bells and whistles might be useless in the city, but it can really come into its own during a family trip or a weekend getaway.




With years of experience in maintaining vehicles in the UAE, Gargash Auto is the place to go for advice. 


If you want to have your car absolutely maintained and in better condition in Dubai, we can quickly identify the problems and fix it. If you are buying, our friendly staff will let you know which bodywork best suits your needs. We do not believe in ‘substance over style’, but in combining the two to ensure that everyone who visits us has what they need.


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