Get Customised BMW Repair and Service Center in Dubai

    Gargash Auto provides all types of BMW services in Dubai. From providing BMW repair services to maintenance to modifications, our certified mechanics do it all with perfection, care and speed.

    Being the most reliable BMW service provider in the UAE, we assure you that our certified mechanics will not disappoint you.

    BMW Repair Services That You’ll Receive At Garagsh – Dubai’s Most Trusted Auto Garage Center


    BMW air shocks observer.
    Complete BMW under carriage services.
    BMW suspension alignments
    BMW wheel balancing
    BMW struts, axles
    BMW performance suspension upgrade

    bmw Transmission Repair

    BMW transmission inspection
    BMW transmission programming
    BMW transmission oil filter services
    BMW gearbox overhauling services
    BMW performance suspension upgrade

    bmw Scanning And

    Modern scanning facilities
    BMW advanced diagnostics software
    BMW gearbox diagnostics
    BMW engine diagnostics

    bmw Oil Change

    BMW premium oil change
    BMW 360-degree health check
    BMW oil flushing
    BMW oil filter change

    bmw Recovery

    All types of roadside assistance for BMW
    Flat battery recovery
    BMW flat tyre recovery
    BMW breakdown recovery

    bmw Engine Repair

    BMW engine diagnosis
    BMW engine detailing
    BMW engine overhaul
    BMW engine tuning

    bmw Battery

    Computerised battery tests
    Battery cable tests
    Mercedes battery services
    Comprehensive electrical check


    Mercedes transmission inspection
    Mercedes transmission programming
    Mercedes transmission oil filter services
    Mercedes gearbox overhauling services
    Mercedes performance suspension upgrade

    AC Repair

    Modern scanning facilities
    Mercedes advanced diagnostics software
    Mercedes gearbox diagnostics
    Mercedes engine diagnostics

    BMW Minor Services Starting From 620 BMW Major Services Starting From 999
    BMW Engine Oil BMW Engine Oil
    BMW Oil Filter BMW Oil Filter
    BMW General Check Up BMW Air Filter
    BMW Computer Checking BMW A/C Filter
    BMW Top Up All Fluids BMW General Check Up
    BMW Washing BMW Computer Checking
    BMW Road Test BMW Road Test
      BMW Washing
      BMW Top Up All Fluids

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    Where can I Find Reliable BMW Services in Dubai?

    With a sharp focus on innovation and sustainability, BMW’s renowned  holistic approach to recycling cars aims to constantly improve their engineering process and simultaneously showcase responsibility towards society. With a diversified portfolio of cars which ranges from coupés to convertibles to saloons, this German brand elegantly combines the triad of performance, technology and interiors like none other.

    However, considering the sophistication with which BMW cars are manufactured, BMW car owners must be careful about their car’s maintenance, servicing and repairs. Leaving your BMW in the hands of a non-specialist workshop will only cause damage.

    Which Is The Most Trusted BMW Garage In Dubai?

    BMW car owners will often find themselves confused about things such as  ‘where do I get my BMW fixed?’, ‘which is the best BMW service center in the UAE?’, ‘where can I get my BMW modified?’ or ‘where can I get my BMW repaired?’, etc.

    بي ام دبليو

    BMW – the prestigious german brand actually started off back in 1917 as a aircraft engine manufacturer, but after WW1 they had to give up their license. Later they got into automobile manufacturing. BMW is part of the “German Big 3” luxury automakers, along with Audi and Mercedes-Benz, which are among the three best-selling luxury automakers in the world.

    We are the BMW specialists and who better to trust with your precious vehicle than the experts themselves. 

    Gargash Auto:

    Our expertise lie in BMW M-sport face lifts

    Our services also extend to the BMW family line like Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper too!


    Reliable and trusted BMW service centre in Dubai

    As a BMW car owner, it is important to understand that the BMW workshop, service centre or garage you hand your car to whether it is for repairing or servicing, is well-known for reliable and quality services. You should be aware of the services .

    Moreover, you need to consider the credibility of the mechanics before giving your car to a BMW garage that claims to be trusted. Giving your vehicle to a non-specialty garage will only cost you more on repairs and maintenance in the longer run and will also decrease your BMW’s resale value.

    Irrespective of the services you choose, repair, maintenance or modification, a BMW needs utmost care and attention while being worked on, therefore it is always advised by automotive experts to visit certified mechanics. Your BMW is too precious and expensive to risk and you could be doing this by visiting a non-specialist garage or service center in the city. At Gargash Auto, we ensure that your BMW is taken care of by certified mechanics.

    The state-of-the-art infrastructure and contemporary resources at Gargash Auto constantly allows its certified mechanics to repair, service or customize your BMW under the manufacturer’s guidelines.

    To offer luxury services at affordable prices runs in our DNA.

    Why Choose Garash Auto for BMW Repair Services?

    Established in 2005, Gargash Auto has serviced and repaired over 25,000 cars. We are proud to be known as one of UAE’s most reliable and trusted German car service centers. Our German brand certified mechanics help in making our garage a reliable BMW Service garage. With Gargash Auto, your BMW will receive an agency like service for a fraction of a cost and time.

    Gargash Auto helps to answer questions such as ‘where can I get my BMW Repaired?, ‘where can I get my BMW Serviced?, ‘which is the best BMW Service center in the UAE or Dubai?’, ‘where can I get my BMW brake pads repaired?’ or ‘where can I get my BMW modified?’ etc.

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